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The tables below are used across all functional areas using Student Data which includes Financial Aid, Admissions and Enrollment.  Click on the table to see the fields used.

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Recommended Tables for Reporting in CS

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  1. Corina C Larsen - i reference this page all the time to get new info on tables (smile) Thank you for all the work-- I have a table suggestion, but it's not a priority-- just noticed it wasn't here yet-- UM_TEST_SCORE_V

  2. UM_TEST_SCORE_V for you:)

    Any description of usage for the table or definitions of any of the fields would be great if you happen to have them!

    Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa Michelle Applegate

    1. Thanks @Corina C Larsen - I was trying to get info on this table and it's appropriate uses yesterday, so I don't know too much about it-- Looking to determine if it is correct for a request we received for Praxis Scores (all).

      Trying to find out: 

      • Does it include all rows (dates) for submitted scores, or is there logic applied to select, top date, top score, etc?
      • There is no Institution connected to a score- is there a way to limit results to scores submitted for a specific campus? Is that not necessary? I don't work with test scores often.
      1. Miki Yanagi worked with Test scores extensively last year and probably can help with some of these questions, including the best source for the scores.

  3. Janet Boucouvalous is a good resource for this table.