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  • Adding a USM Canon Network Printer - Mac OS X
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NOTE - If you have a Macintosh that has been delivered and set up by USM Tech Services beginning in June, 2015 through the present, the Canon driver software has been preinstalled and the USM Printer Utility application will be in your Applications folder (in the Finder's menu bar, choose Go > Applications) and, usually, an icon for the USM Printer Utility in your Dock (at the bottom of your screen). If so, skip to the line beginning "***Open the USM Printer" under the "Step-by-step guide" below, and proceed to add and configure your printer.

In addition, in the rare case that your computer has been upgraded by you from an earlier operating system to Mac OS X 10.11 or later, you may have to delete and re-add your existing Canon printer.

Step-by-step guide 

Following these steps will allow your Macintosh computer to print to the new Canon printer/copiers (1025, 42xx, C52xx, 62xx) - and you can even print two-sided copies. Only if you need to print double-sided and/or stapled copies (note - the 1025 model doesn't have stapling capabilities), require department ID management (printing account codes), or select custom paper settings will you need to further configure your installation with more advanced steps (beginning in step 9).

  • Find the new Canon printer/copier in your department and note the network name printed on the orange strip that's been affixed to the device. There's also a list of new devices being delivered beginning in June, 2015 at the end of this article.
  • You'll need Mac OS X administrator rights to your computer, along with the password (to your OS X user account which you use to log in or authorize software updates).
  • You'll also need a wired Ethernet connection to print.
  • Download the USM Printer Utility. Here's the actual address -
  • Depending on which browser you use, either the file will be automatically downloaded (Safari), a dialog will open asking you to save the file (Firefox), or the file will be downloaded and noted in the lower left corner of the window (Google Chrome). To locate the downloaded file (USMPrinterUtility.dmg) in the Finder's menu bar select "Finder > Go > Downloads" or "Finder > Go > Home > Downloads".
  • After locating the USMPrinterUtility.dmg file in your downloads folder, double-click on it. On your Desktop, the mounted file is called "USM Printer Utility"  and it contains an USM Printer with a scroll icon, two brown "package installers" called "Canon PostScript Installer.pkg and Canon UFR Installer.pkg, and a README file.)
  • Next, open the Canon PostScript Installer to install the printer drivers for the 42xx, C52xx, and 62xx photocopier/printers. In addition, some of you may be adding the smaller 1025 printer, and you'll also need to install the printer drivers in the Canon UFR Installer.pkg, too.
  • ***Open the USM Printer (the icon with the scroll), and then choosing Open from the pop-up menu. Then select Open if requested. Its icon may bounce up and down in the Dock. Select it in the Dock, and continue. (You may find it easier - especially if you need to add additional printers in the future - to copy this program from your Applications folder and run it from there.)
  • When asked to "please enter string to search for (in printer Name OR Location), enter "usm" for USM and press "OK".
  • Scroll down the long list for the "USM" printers, select the specific printer for your department (from the orange tag on the printer), and press "OK". Choose the Automatic driver choice to install the printer. If you're done, press "No" when asked if you'd like to install more printers.
  • Important - If you want to enable double-sided ("duplex") printing, stapling or if your department requires printing codes ("Department ID Management"), you'll need to further configure your drivers beginning in step 9 under "Manual Install Directions."

(Optional Manual Installation Instructions)

If for some reason the USM Printer Utility does not work, you can install a university printer manually by using the following instructions. These may not be for the faint of heart! So you may want to call the help desk instead.

NOTE: These steps assume you have installed the PostScript driver pack from the USM Printer Setup. 

1. Add the printer with the "+" icon.
2. Select the IP icon
3. The address is "".
4. The protocol is "Line Printer Daemon - LPD" (some versions of the Mac OS X operating systems may say "LPD/LPR")
5. The queue is _exactly_ the name of the printer from the orange tape on the printer, such as "USM-Library-iR4235-1".
6. The name should be the same as the queue. Just copy and paste from the queue.
7. The location can be empty, but you can fill it in if necessary.
8. In the Use field, go to "Select Software." Type in either 1025, 4235, C5235, or 6255, and choose the respective driver for the model:

        Canon iR1020/1024/1025
        Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS
        Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS
        Canon iR-ADV 6255/6265 PS

9. To enable your computer to take advantage of added functionality of the copier/printer, change the following settings from the default. In addition, this page, prepared at UMaine - Farmington, may help if your department requires printer or copy codes - Configuring your Mac for Canon MFP Dept ID Management .

To get to these settings, go to:

(OS X 10.12 - 10.9) - Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > (double-click on the desired printer on the left) > Settings > Options
(OS X 10.8) - Apple Menu > System Preferences > Print & Scan > (double-click on the desired printer on the left) > Settings > Driver
(OS X 10.7) - Apple Menu > System Preferences > Print & Scan > (double-click on the desired printer on the left) > Printer Setup > Driver
(OS X 10.6) - Apple Menu > System Preferences > Print & Fax > (double-click on the desired printer on the left) > Printer Setup > Driver

        1025 models
                Paper Source Options: 500 Sheet Drawer
                (check "Department ID Management" only if required by your department for account code use)

        4225/4235/4245 models
                Cassette Feeding Unit: On
                Output Options: Inner Finisher D1
                (check "Department ID Management" only if required by your department for account code use)

        C5235/5240 models
                Cassette Feeding Unit: On
                Output Options: Inner Finisher E1
                (check "Department ID Management" only if required by your department for account code use)

        6255/6265 models
                Output Options: Staple Finisher P1
                External Puncher: 2/3 Holes
                (check "Department ID Management" only if required by your department for account code use)

10. If you need to add a Department copy code, you'll not only have to have checked "Department ID Management" in a screen above, but also below.

Click the "Utility" tab/button. Then, click the "Open Printer Utility" button.

11. Make sure "Use Department ID Management" is checked in this screen, too.

12. Enter your department's or project's account code in both the Department ID and field. (The PIN field, at least at USM, is blank.) (If you don't know your copy code, contact the departmental co-worker who administers the printer. Make sure you know what the code is, because the computer may not remember it even though you think it should.)

13. Check the "Confirm Department ID/PIN When Printing" box. (When you print, the box may still be empty, so you'll have to enter it.)

14. Click the "Save Settings" button and close the window.

15. Close the Print and Fax window, and you are ready to print!

New Canon Printers Being Delivered Beginning June 2015 (and updated as of 12/15/2016, 9:30 AM)

USM-ACCOUNTS-IR1025-1 : POR Payson Smith Rm 118 Student Accounts DRL95378 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-ACCOUNTS-IR4235-1 : POR Payson-Smith Hall Rm 118 Student Accounts RKJ02533 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-ADM-IR4235-3 : GOR Admissions House 2nd Flr RKM02775 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-APPMEDSCI-IR4235-1 : POR Science Bldg Rm 106 Applied Medical Science RKJ02986 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-APPSCI-IR4245-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 104 Applied Science : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ART-IR4235-1 : GOR Robie Andrews Hall Rm 109 Art : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-ASSESMENT-IR4245-2 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 240 Academic Assesment RKM01132 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ASSESSMENT-IR4245-1 : POR Law Bldg Rm 628 Academic Assesment RKM01615 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ATHICE-IR4245-1 : GOR Ice Arena Athletics : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ATH-IR4245-1 : GOR Costello Sports Complex : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ATHTR-IR1025-1 : GOR Costello Sports Complex Rm 111 Athletic Training : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-BIO-IR4245-1 : POR Science Bldg Rm 105 Biological Sciences RKM02717 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-BOOK-IR4235-1 : POR Woodbury Campus Ctr Bookstore RKJ04579 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-BUSINESS-IR4235-1 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 113 School of Business RKJ02517 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-BUSINESS-IR6265-1 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 113 School of Business NML06362 : Canon iR-ADV 6255/6265 PS3
USM-CAHS-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 200 CAHS Dean Office POD : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-CAHS-IR4235-2 : POR 102 Bedford St. CAHS Dean RKJ02208 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-CAHS-IR4245-1 : POR 228 Deering Ave CAHS Dean Office RKM02038 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-CARD-IR1025-1 : GOR Upton Hall Card Services : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-CEPARE-IR1025-1 : GOR Mclellan House CEPARE : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-CEPARE-IR4235-1 : GOR Mclellan House 2nd Flr CEPARE : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-CHEM-IR4245-1 : POR Science Bldg Rm 161 Chemistry RKM02720 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-COMMMEDIA-IR4235-1 : POR Payson-Smith Rm 119 Communications & Media Studies RKJ02879 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-COMPSCIENCE-IR4235-1 : POR Science Bldg Rm 117 Computer Science RKJ04529 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-CONFUCIUS-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 301B Confucius Institute : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-CSTH-IR4235-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center College of Science, Technology, & Health : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-CSTH-IRC5235-1 : POR Science Bldg Rm 178 CSTH Deans Office RRB23910 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-CTEL-IR1025-1 : POR Glickman CTEL DRL95340 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-CTEL-IRC5235-1 : POR Glickman Rm 214 CTEL RRB30245 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-CYBERSEC-IR4235-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 266 Maine Cyber Security Cluster : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-CYBERSEC-IR4245-1 : POR Science Bldg 2nd Flr Cyber Security Cluster RKM02788 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-DEANS-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 121 Dean of Students : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-DEANS-IR4235-2 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 113 Dean of Students : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-DFM-IRC5235-1 : GOR Facilities Mgmt RRB19242 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-DFM-IRC5235-2 : POR Facilities Mgmt RRB20281 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-DISABILITYCTR-IR4245-1 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 242 Disability Service Center RKM02747 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ECONOMICS-IR4235-1 : POR 11 Chamberlain Ave Economics RKJ02211 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-EHSS-IR4235-1 : GOR Costello Sports Complex Field House RKJ02538 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-ENG-IR4245-1 : POR Luthor Bonney Rm 311 English RKM02116 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ENG-IR4245-2 : POR Luthor Bonney Rm 3E English RKM02037 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ENGR-IR4245-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 149 Engineering : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-ENROLLMENT-IR4235-1 : POR Luther Bonnie 140 Enrollment Mgmt RKJ02205 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-ENVSAFETY-IR4235-1 : POR Abromson Basement Environment & Health Safety RKJ02545 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-ESP-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 106 Environmental Science & Policy : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-FINAID-IR4245-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 107 Financial Aid : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-FINANCE-IR4245-1 : POR Law Bldg Rm 729 Finance & Admin RKM02032 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-GEOANT-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 300 Geography & Anthropology : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-GRAD-IR4235 : Wishcamper 124 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-GYM-IR1025-1 : POR Sullivan Gym Rm 104 Fitness Complex DRL91239 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-HEALTH-IR1025-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 125 Student Health : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-HEALTH-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 125 Student Health : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-HEALTH-IR4245-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 100 Health & Counseling : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-HIST-IR4235-1 : POR Payson-Smith Rm 100 History & Political Science RKJ02878 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-HONORS-IR4245-1 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 253 Honors RKM02718 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-HR-IR4235-1 : POR 39 Exeter HUMAN RESOURCES : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-HR-IR4235-2 : GOR Human Resources 2nd Flr : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-HR-IR4235-3 : POR Exeter 45 Human Resources RKJ04561 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-INTLPRGM-IR4235-1 : POR Payson-Smith Hall Rm 101 Office of International Programs & ESOL RKJ02110 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-ITMS-IR1025-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 3 USIT Media Services : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-LIB-IR4235-1 : POR Glickman Library 1st Flr Learning Commons RKJ02655 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-LIB-IR4245-1 : POR Glickman Library 1st Flr Circulation RKM02051 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-LIB-IR4245-2 : POR Glickman Library 1st Flr Circulation RKM02082 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-LIB-IR4245-3 : POR Glickman Library 1st Flr Circulation RKM01651 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-LIB-IR4245-4 : POR Glickman Library 1st Flr Learning Commons RKM02029 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-LIB-IR4245-5 : POR Glickman Library 3rd Flr Serials RKM02721 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-LIB-IR4245-6 : 217 Glickman Library (jack 2-092) RKM02079 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-LIB-IR4245-7 : POR Glickman Library 6th Flr Rm 618 Special Collections RKM02126 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-LIB-IRC5235-1 : POR Glickman Library 4th Flr Admin Office RRB11188 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-LIB-IRC5235-2 : POR Glickman Library Rm 134 RRB10989 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-LIB-IRC5235-3 : POR Glickman Library 1st Flr Osher Map RRB11187 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-LIB-IRC5235-4 : POR Glickman 3rd Flr Academic Computing RRB25744 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-LIBRARY-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 120 Library & Learning Commons : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-LIBRARY-IR4235-2 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 120 Library & Learning Commons : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-LIBRARY-IRC5235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 120B Library & Learning Commons : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-LINGUIST-IR4245-1 : POR 49 Exeter St. Linguistics RKM02787 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MAIL-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Basement Mail Services : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-MAINELAW-IR1025-2 : POR 59 Exeter St. Maine Law Cumberland Legal Aid DRL88521 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-MARKETING-IR4245-1 : POR 15 Chamberlain St. Marketing RKM02730 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MATH-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 115 Mathematics & Statistics : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-MATH-IR4235-2 : POR Payson-Smith Hall Rm 302 Math RKJ04449 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-MEDIASTUDY-IR1025-1 : POR Sullivan Gym Annex Comm. & Media Studies DRL86133 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-MUSKIE-IR4245-1 : POR Wishcamper Ctr. Rm 438 Muskie School RKM02267 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IR4245-2 : POR Wishcamper Ctr. 3rd Flr Muskie School Meeting Room RKM02726 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IR4245-3 : POR Wishcamper Ctr. 2nd Flr Muskie School RKM02728 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IR4245-4 : POR 222 Deering Ave 1st Flr Muskie RKM02005 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IR4245-5 : AUG 12 East Chestnut St. Muskie RKM02283 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IR4245-6 : AUG 12 East Chestnut St. Muskie RKM02034 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IR4245-7 : AUG 12 East Chestnut St. Muskie RKM01637 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IR6255-1 : POR Wishcamper Ctr. 4th Flr Muskie School NMU1459 : Canon iR-ADV 6255/6265 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IRC5235-1 : POR Wishcamper Ctr 3rd Flr Muskie School RRB19242 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-MUSKIE-IRC5235-2 : POR Wishcamper Ctr. 4th Flr Hallway Muskie School RRB20748 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-NUR-IR4235-1 : POR Masterton Hall 1st Flr College of Nursing RKJ02202 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-NUR-IR6265-1 : POR Masterton Hall Rm 225 Nursing NML05652 : Canon iR-ADV 6255/6265 PS3
USM-OLLI-IR4245-1 : POR Wishcamper Ctr Rm 214 OLLI RKM01641 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-PARKING-IR4245-1 : POR Parking Garage Basement RKJ02935 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-PCEOP-IR4235-1 : POR Abromson Ctr Rm 218 Prof & Continuing Ed RKJ02267 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-PCEOP-IR6255-1 : POR Abromson Ctr Rm 111 Prof & Continuing Ed NMU17063 : Canon iR-ADV 6255/6265 PS3
USM-PHILANTHROPY-IR1025-1 : POR Glickman Library Rm 321 Philanthropy Ctr DRL88522 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-PHILOS-IR4245-1 : POR Payson-Smith Rm 122 Philosophy RKM02791 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-PLANET-IR4235-1 : POR Science Bldg Basement Planetarium RKJ02880 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-Police-IR4235-1 : GOR Public Safety Bldg : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-Police-IR4235-2 : GOR Public Safety Bldg : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-POLICE-IR4235-3 : POR Sullivan Gym Police RKJ02201 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-PRESIDENT-IRC5235-1 : POR Law Bldg Rm 707 President Office : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-PROVOST-IRC5235-1 : POR Law Bldg Rm 715 Provost Office RKM02284 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-PSYCH-IR4235-1 : POR Science Bldg Rm 506 Psychology RKJ02461 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-PUBLICAFFAIRS-IRC5235-1 : POR Law Bldg 6th Flr Public Affairs RRB18137 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-REARCH-IR4245-1 : POR 7 Chamberlain Ave Research Integrity RKM02689 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-REG-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 100 Student Registrar : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-RLS-IR4235-1 : POR Masterton Hall Basement Rec & Leisure Studies RKJ02859 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-RLS-IR4235-2 : POR Masterton Hall Rm 315 Rec and Leisure Studies : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-RUSSELLSCHOL-IR4235-1 : GOR Woodward Hall Rm 103 Russell Scholars RKM02284 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SBDC-IR4235-1 : POR 55 Bedford Rd. SBDC RKJ02417 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SEHD-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 400 Education & Human Development : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SEHD-IR4235-2 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 8 Education & Human Development : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SEHD-IR4245-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 221 Education & Human Development : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-SEHD-IR4245-2 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 218A Student Affairs Education & Human Development : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-SGVT-IR4235-1 : POR Woodbury Student Center Student Government RKJ09335 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SLIFE-IR4235-1 : POR Woodbury Campus Ctr Student Life RKJ02536 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SLIFE-IR4235-2 : POR Sullivan Gym Rm 218 Student Life RKJ02098 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SLIFE-IRC5235-1 : POR Woodbury Campus Ctr Student Life RRB18114 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-SOC-IR4235-1 : POR 120 Bedford St. Sociology RKJ02454 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SOCWRK-IR4235-1 : POR Masterton Hall Rm G06 Social Work RKM04578 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-STONECOAST-IR4235-1 : POR 98 Bedford St. Stonecoast MFA RKJ02853 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-STUDENTACT-IRC5235-1 : GOR Brooks Student Center Student Activities RRB18115 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-SUCCESS-IR1025-1 : POR Payson-Smith Hall Rm 119 Student Success Center DRL86338 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-SUCCESS-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 119 Student Success : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-SUCCESS-IR4245-1 : POR Payson-Smith Hall Rm 119 Student Success Center RKM02130 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-TEACH-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 500 Teaching & Learning : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-TECH-IR4245-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 211 Technology : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-THEATRE-IR4235-1 : GOR Russell Hall Rm 24 Theatre Lab : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-THEATRE-IR4245-1 : GOR 51 College Ave Theatre Department : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-TRIO-IR4235-1 : GOR Woodward Hall TRIO/Upward Bound Loaner RKJ02311 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-TRIO-IR4245-1 : GOR 7 College Ave TRIO Programs : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-UAADVANCE-IR4245-1 : POR Law Bldg Rm 621 UA Advancements RKM01613 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-UAADVANCE-IRC5235-1 : POR 106 Bedford St. UA Advancement RRB07990 : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-UGADM-IR4235-1 : GOR Admissions House Undergrad Admissions : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-UGADM-IR4235-2 : GOR Admissions House 2nd Flr Undergrad Admissions : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-UHCS-IR4235-1 : POR Payson-Smith Hall Rm 105 University Counseling Services RKJ02765 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-USIT-C5235 : USM Luther Bonney Helpdesk : Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240 PS3
USM-USITCS-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 2 USIT Campus Services : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-USIT-IR4235-1 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 138 USIT UTSC RKJ02933 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-USITMEDIA-IR4245-1 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 231 USIT Media Services RKM01622 : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-USITSTORE-IR1025-1 : POR Luther Bonney Rm 144 USIT Store DRL86138 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-USITTEL-IR1025-1 : POR Payson-Smith Rm 4 USIT Telecom DRL86134 : Canon iR1020/1024/1025 UFRII LT
USM-USITTEL-IR4235-1 : POR Payson-Smith Hall Rm 4 USIT Telecom RKJ04463 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3
USM-USPROCUREMENT-IR4245-1 : GOR Anderson Hall Rm 201 Strategic Procurement : Canon iR-ADV 4245/4251 PS3
USM-VETSVC-IR1435-1 : POR Veteran Services LBH Rm 230 RZJ09466 : Canon iR1435 PS3
USM-WMS-IR4235-1 : POR 94 Bedford St. Women & Gender Studies RKJ04461 : Canon iR-ADV 4225/4235 PS3

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  1. The current AppleScript configures for the ad.usm print server. A new user who only has credentials in the domain will not be apple to authenticate to the ad.usm print server; they will need to configure printers manually.

  2. Eric Pomelow said he has now added the printers to domain.