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  • Adding a USM Printer - Windows 7
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For users connected to the USM Active Directory located at USM Gorham, Portland, or Lewiston-Auburn campuses.

Step-by-step guide

Users will need to be need to be on campus, either hardwired or wireless, or will need to be connected to the VPN service.

  1. From your windows device, click the 'start' button and click 'Devices and Printers'.
  2. Click the button 'Add Printer'.
  3. Choose 'Add a network, wireless, or bluetooth printer'.
  4. In the next window, you will see a list of all printers available on the printer server.  Scroll through the list to find your device.  All new canon copiers will begin with 'USM-(department name)'.  If you are unsure of your device you wish to add, the name is located on the 'Orange Sticker' on the front of each copier.  The location field will list the Campus Identifier such as GOR - Gorham, LAC - Lewiston-Auburn, or POR - Portland.
  5. Once you choose your printer name, click next and it will add and configure your printer for you.
  6. To set the new device as your default printer, right-click on the newly added printer and select 'Set as default printer'.
  7. If you still have the old copier, right-click on any old 'VLxxxx' copiers in your 'Devices and Printers' window and choose 'Delete'.
  8. If your copier requires department ids, you will need to contact your department's AA to get your id number, and follow the instructions below.  This will save your department id on your computer and not require to type it each time your print.
    1. Right-click on the printer and choose 'Printer Properties' not 'Properties'.
    2. Click on the “Device Settings” tab, then make sure the checkbox in front of “Use Department ID Management(J)” is checked, as well as the checkbox in front of “Set User Information(L)”. Then click on the “Settings…” button to the right of “Use Department ID Management”.
    3. In the “Department ID/PIN Settings” window, make sure “Allow PIN Setting” is checked, and enter the Department ID and PIN. If you don’t want to confirm the Department ID/PIN each time you print, clean the checkmark in front of “Confirm Department ID/PIN When Printing”. 
    4. If you print confidential information at a shared copier and want to make sure it doesn’t print until you are there to pick up your print job, place a checkmark in front of “Authenticate Department ID/PIN at Device”.
    5. Click OK, then OK again, and you should be ready to print. 

New Canon Printers Being Delivered, June 2015 (Gorham)

USM-APPSCI-IR4245-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 104 Applied Science

USM-ART-IR4235-1 : GOR Robie Andrews Hall Rm 109 Art

USM-ATHICE-IR4245-1 : GOR Ice Arena Athletics

USM-ATH-IR4245-1 : GOR Costello Sports Complex

USM-ATHTR-IR1025-1 : GOR Costello Sports Complex Rm 111 Athletic Training

USM-BILLING-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 100 Student Billing

USM-CAHS-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 200 CAHS Dean's Office POD

USM-CARD-IR1025-1 : GOR Upton Hall Card Services

USM-CEPARE-IR1025-1 : GOR Mclellan House CEPARE

USM-CEPARE-IR4235-1 : GOR Mclellan House 2nd Flr CEPARE

USM-CONFUSIUS-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 301B Confusius Institute

USM-CS-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 2 Computer Science

USM-CSTH-IR4235-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center College of Science, Technology, & Health

USM-CYBERSEC-IR4235-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 266 Maine Cyber Security Cluster

USM-DEANS-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 121 Dean of Students

USM-DEANS-IR4235-2 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 113 Dean of Students

USM-ENGR-IR4245-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 149 Engineering

USM-ESP-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 106 Environmental Science & Policy

USM-FINAID-IR4245-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 107 Financial Aid

USM-FM-IR4235-1 : GOR Facilities Management

USM-GEOANT-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 300 Geography & Anthropology

USM-HEALTH-IR1025-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 125 Student Health

USM-HEALTH-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 125 Student Health

USM-HEALTH-IR4245-1 : GOR Upton Hall Rm 125 Health & Counseling

USM-HR-IR4235-2 : GOR Human Resources 2nd Flr

USM-ITMS-IR1025-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 3 USIT Media Services

USM-LIBRARY-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 120 Library & Learning Commons

USM-LIBRARY-IR4235-2 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 120 Library & Learning Commons

USM-LIBRARY-IRC5235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 120B Library & Learning Commons

USM-MAIL-IR4235-1 : GOR Upton Hall Basement Mail Services

USM-MATH-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 115 Mathematics & Statistics

USM-PS-IR4235-1 : GOR Public Safety Bldg

USM-PS-IR4235-2 : GOR Public Safety Bldg

USM-SEHD-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 400 Education & Human Development

USM-SEHD-IR4235-2 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 8 Education & Human Development

USM-SEHD-IR4245-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 221 Education & Human Development

USM-SEHD-IR4245-2 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 218A Student Affairs Education & Human Development

USM-SUCCESS-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 119 Student Success

USM-TEACH-IR4235-1 : GOR Bailey Hall Rm 500 Teaching & Learning

USM-TECH-IR4245-1 : GOR Mitchell Technology Center Rm 211 Technology

USM-THEATRE-IR4235-1 : GOR Russell Hall Rm 24 Theatre Lab

USM-THEATRE-IR4245-1 : GOR 51 College Ave Theatre Department

USM-TRIO-IR4245-1 : GOR 7 College Ave TRIO Programs

USM-UGADM-IR4235-1 : GOR Admissions House Undergrad Admissions

USM-UGADM-IR4235-2 : GOR Admissions House 2nd Flr Undergrad Admissions


If you run into any issues finding your printer in the list, or your device does not have an orange tag on the front, please contact the UTSC at 207-780-4029