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  • How to Request Local Administrator Rights
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On UMS owned computers, there are two types of access levels that a user can log in as - a user, or an administrator.  Having local administrator rights poses a level of security risk and makes your computer susceptible to malware, viruses, and software vulnerabilities. Many vulnerabilities can be avoided by limiting the use of local administrator rights.  In most cases, having 'user' rights are sufficient for performing daily functions. However, there are certain cases where local administrator rights are necessary, and users should have enough rights and permissions to be able to perform their job.


If you believe that you have a business need for administrator rights over your University owned computer,
  1. Download the following form:


  2. Submit the completed and signed form to your Campus IT Director for approval.

If a particular task requires administrative rights immediately, please contact the Technology Support Center at 1-800-696-4357, or submit a help desk ticket