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  • PaperCut Client not working with OS X 10.12 - LAWLAPTOP
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These instructions are specific to Maine Law Laptop printing. If you have this issue with USM laptop, see PaperCut Client not working with OS X 10.12 (macOS Sierra).

Manual Macintosh INSTALLATION instructions:

0. Your computer must be registered on and connected to the "tempest" wireless network, not MaineEDU-Guest.

1. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners

2. In the panel on the left, if you see an existing "Law Laptop Printer" or "USM Laptop Printer" click on it once to select it and press the "-" icon in the lower left to delete the existing printer.

3. To add the Law Laptop Printer, do the following:

        a. Press the "+" icon in the lower left.

        b. In the Add window select "IP"

        c. In "Address" enter:

        d. In "Protocol" choose:
        Internet Printing Protocol - IPP

        e. In "Queue" enter:

        f. In "Name" enter:
        Law Laptop Printer

        g. "Location" is blank

        h. In "Use" select:
        Generic PostScript Printer

        i. Press "Add" and DO NOT check "Duplex Printing Unit" in the next window. Then press "OK".

4. The application program that is required for laptop printing is available at or . (Just press the Download button after logging in.)

        a. First, double-click on it to decompress it to just "". Then drag the program to your Applications folder (in the Finder, select Go > Applications to open the Applications folder). You can discard the compressed "" file after you copy the "" program to the Applications folder.

        b. BEFORE YOU PRINT, you must open the "" program. The first time you run the program, you may have to right-click (or control-click) on the program and give it permission to Open.

        c. Once the program is running, you can print.

        d. Choose the document to print, and select the "Law Laptop Printer" from the print menu.

        e. The attached four screens illustrate what you'll see after you log in with your ID to print.

PaperCut Login Window

Print window for selection of number of copies, pages and other basic print options

PaperCut window with drop down menu for selecting location to print to.

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