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Under Construction - this page is for the new PaperCut (version 17) that will roll-out to some lab users in Nov/Dev and then to Laptop users starting around winter break.


PaperCut Pay for Print System allows students at USM, UMA and UMM to send black and white or color print jobs wirelessly from their own laptops, and have the charges automatically deducted from their Card account. Windows (versions 7+) and Mac (OS version 10.11+) are supported using a client that is installed on the laptop. ChromeBooks, Android tablets and phones, iOS iPads and phones do not require client installation, but have an extra step to acknowledge the job cost and release the job (through a website for ChromeBooks and through a mobile app for iOS and Android).

This program does NOT show you your card balance when you print. Your money is stored in a secure location, and when you print, it is pulled from that location. No sensitive data is shared. You can check your card balance and payment for printing on the MyCard website. (


PaperCut Client Printing

Both Windows and Mac require the installation of the PaperCut client. 



Mobility Printing

In testing, coming soon (fingerscrossed)

ChromeBooks, iOS and Android mobile devices use a new feature available in PaperCut called Mobility Printing. For instructions on setting up Mobility Printing on your device go to




Logging in to PaperCut

In order to login to PaperCut, users will generally use their MaineStreet credentials, although alumni and guests use the number on their card.

Although if a user with a MaineStreet account has a username longer than 20 characters, in which case, the user will need to use their full email address to login. This is due to user accounts now being synced with University Active Directory.

For ITSS staff

If the user wishes to shorten their long username, the process documented here: How to change UMS usernames for UAD.

LAPTOP Printer Locations


Gorham Campus

  • Gorham Learning Commons, room 120

  • John Mitchell Center

Lewiston Campus

  • LAC Commons

Portland Campus

  • Glickman Library 2nd floor
  • Glickman Library 3rd floor
  • Luther Bonney lobby
  • Luther Bonney computer lab
  • Woodbury Campus Center



  • Katz Library
  • Randall Student Center 


  • Library
  • Eastport Computer Lab


  • Merrill Center

PaperCut Website

Users may login to the PaperCut website to see a summary of their printing (number of print jobs, number of pages, and environmental impact in trees and CO2) and to see a list of recent print jobs. 

Screenshot of the PaperCut website for users as described above.

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