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  • Populating the Canon Address Book
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  • Scan to email is one of the most essential services for these devices, and moving forward with reduce paper usage.  The following steps show how to populate the address book via the web browser.  End users will be trained in populating the address book at the local console.

  • Users will only need their Department ID to log in to populate the address book.  EUT will not be providing them with the administrator login.
  • To reach the copier, you must be on a campus network, either wired or wireless.
  1. Open a browser and go to the IP or hostname of the copier.
  2. Type in the Department ID and password and click General User.
  3. Click Address Book
  4. Select a list you wish to populate, usually just select the first.
  5. Click 'Register New Desitination'
  6. Fill in name and email; click okay.

Congratulations, you have just populated the address book.  You may wish to add these users to mail list as well.


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