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Software Installation

With the roll out of the standard UMS Windows 10 image by End User Technology, the University Application will be replaced by Software Center for all Windows 10 computers joined to the UMS Active Directory. Software Center is the way users can download and install University approved, packaged and supported software as well as control Windows Updates. 

To open up Software Center, search for Software Center in the search box near the start menu.

Screenshot showing search results from typing Software Center in the search box.

Click on Software Center to open.

Software Center window showing Applications (displays Mozilla Firefox, Git for Windows, Adobe Reader, etc)

Installation Status

Under Software Center's Installation status pane, there is a list of applications installed through Software Center, those applications that failed to install and installations currently in progress.

Software Center with Installation status h selected in the left column, showing Git for Windows has status of installed.


Under Software Center, Updates there is a list of Updates that have been pushed to the machine by Configuration Manager.

Software Center Update Information

In Software Center, you will see an Updates option listed on the left hand side with a number to indicate if you have any updates to install.

All the updates will be listed with more information available if you click on an individual update.

The "Additional information" link will bring you to a Microsoft page with detailed information about the update.

You will continue to get the standard restart window with the option to hide it (with in the defined time limit) until you are ready to reboot.

Operating Systems

In the future USIT may utilize the "Operating Systems" section to upgrade to new versions of Windows 10. More information will be communicated before this functionality is used.


Software Center's Options pane is where Work hours can be set.  This gives you the the flexibility to define when the update process should consider you to be working and when you aren't.

Software Center Options pane showing Work Iformation and Computer maintenance sections expanded.

By default your business hours are 5 am to 10 pm Monday thru Friday. Feel free to change these to fit your schedule.

Please be aware that if you share your computer with other people this changes for the whole computer and might cause updates to happen when it is inconvenient for them.

This is all too complicated I just want you to update my computer for me when I'm not using it!

If you don't want to be bothered when updates need to happen, you can control that as well! If the Software Center Option where you selected your business hours, there is an option under "Computer Maintenance" to automatically install all updates outside your business hours. Checking this box will cause the updates to install at the end of your next business day as defined by your business hours. An automatic restart will happen when the updates are done installing.

Please remember if your computer is shut off before your business hours end, the updates will happen the next day when your computer starts up. If you are logged in at the lock screen, the computer will not reboot to finish update installations until the user unlocks the lock screen by entering their password, then the user will see a shutdown count down.

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