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UMA will be switching from our current Novell system to the Microsoft System (known as Active Directory or AD).  This change will occur within in the upcoming month, and we will be providing you with updates and details along the way. 

Why the change?
Some of the primary reasons for making this change are:
  • single user-name and password for computer/network access and other System-wide services (MaineStreet, Blackboard, etc.)
  • easily deploy and deliver applications
  • improve workstation security
  • reduce overhead through standardization
  • improve computer management
  • improve services through centralized management capabilities

Who will be affected by this change?
  • UMA (Augusta and Bangor) faculty and staff.  This will only affect Windows workstations, not MACs.

What to do to prepare for the migration:
  • Due to the large volume of files that will be transferred during the migration process, IT is asking that you please remove any files that are no longer needed on the X: and K: drives
  • Please remove files with caution.  If you need assistance with copying your files to another location or removing files, please contact Tech Support at 1-800-696-4357- or

How will the change happen?
  • This will be an automated process that will occur over the weekend of July 18th - 20th for users who's computers are on campus.

What will change?
  • Novell IDs - Users will log into their workstation using their primary UMS user ID. The old UMA Novell ID will no longer be used to log into staff and faculty workstations.  
  • Password Changes - Everyone will have to change their UMS password, or will not be able to log in when they are migrated.  After users are migrated to Active Directory, passwords between these two system will be synced, and you will no longer have to change the password in two different locations. You will always change your password on the UMS Password Change page after the migration, not from your local machine.
  • Remote access to files (on K:, Y: and X: ) from off-campus - Remote access via NetStorage or a Novell login,will not be available immediately. The focus is to provide the on-campus service, and to ensure that all University equipment is up and running as a first priority.  There is a replacement plan for NetStorage that will be implemented shortly after the migration is completed. 

  • Student workers/Workstudy students will now log into computers that have a Novell Client, with their UMS ID and password


  • Access to your faculty web folder on (aka will no longer be mapped to the U: (or W) drive automatically upon log in. If you have not migrated your faculty web folder to one of the alternatives mentioned in the MOTD (July 7 - websites), then you can access the folder by logging into Novell manually - right click on the 'Red N' in the lower right hand corner of your screen and select, 'Novell Login.....'


Known Problems


There is a known bug related to Dropbox. If you have Dropbox syncing on your computer, you will need to resync all your files from Dropbox after the computer migration.

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