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The following is a listing of planned/implemented customizations to all Windows 10 computers added to the UMS active directory (UAD) or imaged with the standard UAD computer image.

"Picture Passwords" will no longer be available on UMS-supported Windows 10 machines due to security concerns.

Turn off picture password sign-in Enabled

Microsoft Store suggestions and redirects are disabled due to security concerns.

Turn off the advertising ID Enabled

Turn off Microsoft consumer experiences Enabled

Users will not be able to use Cortana due to security concerns created by inclusion of non-UMS type advertisements and suggestions. 

Allow Cortana Disabled

Users will no longer see Microsoft or third party suggestions related to their previous activities  in order to protect user privacy. 

Do not use diagnostic data for tailored experiences Enabled

By disabling Windows Spotlight, we remove the inclusion of non-UMS advertisement-like items from the lock screen and other Windows 10 applications and features.

Turn off all Windows spotlight features Enabled

Turn off the Windows Spotlight on Action Center Enabled

Configure Windows spotlight on lock screen Disabled

Do not suggest third-party content in Windows spotlight Enabled

"Welcome to Windows" presentation of tips and suggestions that Microsoft sends to users about using Edge and other Windows 10 features are disabled.

Turn off the Windows Welcome Experience Enabled

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