The employment of new employees is initiated by completing the following steps:

  1. Appointment information will be provided to Payroll for data entry

    1. Student workers must have a Student Authorization completed by campus personnel and sent to Student Employment for student verification; completed and approved authorizations are forwarded to Payroll.

      1. Rehiring student workers utilizing MaineStreet Manager Self-Service will streamline the hiring process.

    2. New Hire Appointment Form will be completed by the HR Business Partner and forwarded to Payroll.

      1. HireTouch integration efforts are underway by sharing pertinent information about the successful applicant and their new position directly with MaineStreet eliminating the need for a majority of the data entry.   These efforts will  greatly improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Onboarding process.

  2. Payroll will update MaineStreet with the new employee information which will generate an Employee ID and an email account.  

  3. Payroll will send an email to the new email address and a copy to the supervisor shortly after the new hire information has been entered.

  4. The supervisor should share the new employee’s ID and email address with the new employee, if necessary.  This information can be used by the employee to contact technical support to activate the email account.

  5. Employees should be sent to Human Resources on their first day of work with appropriate identifying documentation to complete Form I- 9.

  6. Employees will receive an email from the Employee Benefits Center with pertinent benefits information, if eligible.   Benefits enrollment must be completed within the first thirty-one (31) days of employment.

  7. Supervisor should complete the new hire Checklist obtained from Human Resources.

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