One of the keys to success at the University is the effective supervision of staff.

Supervisors provide leadership, coaching, guidance, support and direction for staff working with and for them. They are accountable for the achievement of their team’s tasks and goals, for managing legal and contractual compliance, with adhering to institutional policies and procedures, and for representing the University in its role as an employer.

The quality and effectiveness of supervision is also very important to staff. Supervisors perform a vital role in managing staff performance and contributing to employee engagement and morale in the workplace.

The role and responsibilities of supervisors are defined in a number of places including in position/job descriptions, in performance plans and in institutional policies, and guidelines and contracts.  Refer to your campus Human Resources office for details.

Supervisors who are responsible for approving time for their direct reports should refer to time entry and approval training materials.  Hourly employees will not be paid unless and until their time has been approved.