The University believes that overall “health” is achieved as individuals take control of their overall preventive health needs.   Part of your overall health is ensuring that you have your annual eye exam.  

The Vision Plan provides coverage for quality vision care for you and your family’s eye care needs, and has benefits to assist with the costs relating to annual exams, frames, lenses and contact lenses.

Dependent children may be covered up to age 26. Also, if you cover one (1) dependent child under the vision plan, you must cover all eligible dependent children.

Employees will be able to choose a provider from EyeMed's network for maximum savings and virtually no paperwork. However, employees may also seek eye care from an out-of-network provider.   With out-of-network providers, employees will be responsible for paying the provider in full at the time services are rendered and then file a claim form to receive reimbursement.

Schedule of EyeMed Vision Benefits effective January 1, 2017

BenefitIn-Network Plan CoverageOut-of-Network Plan Reimbursement

Examination - one per calendar year

Including but not limited to:

  • Eye Health Examination

  • Dilation

  • Refraction & Prescription for Glasses

Covered in full after a $20 copay

Up to $80 allowance

Base Lenses

(one pair per calendar year):

Single Vision Allowance

Covered in full

Up to $50 allowance

Bifocal Allowance

Covered in full

Up to $75 allowance

Trifocal Allowance

Covered in full

Up to $75 allowance

Lenticular Allowance

Covered in full

Up to $100 allowance

Standard Progressive Lens

Covered in full after $20 copay

Up to $80 allowance
Premium Progressive Lens

Covered in full after $20 copay

Up to $196 allowance

Contact Lenses

(retail allowance):


$150 allowance + 15% off balance

Up to $150 allowance


$150 allowance

Up to $150 allowance

Medically necessaryCovered in full

Up to $210 allowance

Frame Retail Allowance*

(one per calendar year)

$150 allowance + 20% off balance

Up to $90 allowance

**The vision premiums for biweekly employees will be deducted in 24 equal installments over the course of the calendar year.  In those 2 months during the year when there is a third biweekly pay period, employees will have no premium deducted.

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The above is a brief summary of benefits offered by the University of Maine System.  If you have a question about benefits enrollment, call toll-free 866-269-9635 (or 973-3373) or email  Have your Employee ID number for faster service.

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