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2023 MotivateMe Incentive Schedule

This schedule shows which paycheck the INCENTIVE health insurance premium will begin after you complete the MotivateMe Level 1 requirements or when the NON-INCENTIVE premium will begin if you miss the initial 2023 Level 1 deadline of April 30th.

Complete Level 1 requirements BYUMS Pay Date Incentive/Non-Incentive Premium Begins
1/31/2023Pay Cycles after 2/15/2023
2/28/2023Pay Cycles after 3/15/2023
3/31/2023Pay Cycles after 4/15/2023
4/30/2023Pay Cycles after 5/15/2023
5/31/2023Pay Cycles after 6/15/2023
6/30/2023Pay Cycles after 7/15/2023
7/31/2023Pay Cycles after 8/15/2023
8/31/2023Pay Cycles after 9/15/2023
9/30/2023Pay Cycles after 10/15/2023
10/31/2023Pay Cycles after 11/15/2023
11/30/2023Pay Cycles after 12/15/2023

Contact Cigna with questions regarding completing the MotivateMe program requirements:

Tel: 1- 800-244-6224                  Web:

Contact the UMS Employee Benefits Center with questions regarding this schedule or the amount deducted for health insurance:

Tel: 207/973-3373 or Email:

Toll-free: 1-866-269-9635

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