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Administrative leave may be declared by the campus President for situations such as inclement weather or local emergencies and will apply only to the individual institution.  Closing of the University System by the Chancellor is designated an administrative holiday for a day or occasions such as a national day of mourning or other observance.

Employees are encouraged to sign up for campus message alerts for their location which is generally the method for institutions to notify impacted employees of emergency closures that will have a designated starting and ending period clearly communicated.  

Employees should consult with their supervisor as well as be familiar with their department’s procedures during storms and emergencies.  Only employees required to do so by their supervisor should report to work during administrative leave periods.

Policies regarding employee pay and scheduling are contained in collective bargaining agreements and employee handbooks.  It is important that employees and their supervisors follow specific time reporting instructions to ensure compliance and accurate pay.  Administrative Leave is compensated at straight pay. If employees are required to work during the Administrative Leave period, they will receive both straight pay for the time worked as well as the leave pay. Additional pay is not granted to employees who were not scheduled to work during Administrative Leave period.