1. An employee whose payroll check is lost or stolen may request a replacement check by notifying Payroll.
  2. There is a one week waiting period before a check is declared lost.  The waiting period begins on the day the check was expected to arrive in the mail.
  3. The check amount, check number, and date issued is obtained from the payroll records and will review online banking records in order to determine whether the check has cleared the bank.
  4. If the original check has not cleared, Payroll will void the check through the online banking system and issue a replacement check, which will be with a new check number.  This will be done on the next off-cycle payroll run.
  5. If the bank indicates that the check has been presented for payment, a replacement check will not be issued until there is further investigation.
  6. If the original check is found, it should be returned to Payroll for destruction if a replacement check has been issued.
  7. If the original check has already cleared, a copy of both sides of the check will be provided by Payroll to the employee. If the endorsement is a forgery, the employee will be directed to the bank for further action.

Uncashed Check Issued to a Deceased Employee

An uncashed paycheck may be reissued to the "Estate of xx" and mailed to the last known address.  We will need to confirm the legal authority to change the address of a deceased person which would typically be a notice from the probate court that the person requesting the change has been appointed as personal representative for the estate.  This document along with an Individual Data Sheet requesting the change of address, can be uploaded to our secure SharePoint site (www.maine.edu/payroll).  

Also see policy for uncashed paychecks: 1050.40 Uncashed Checks