Important: After entering data within a field, please ALWAYS TAB out of it for the entry/change to take immediate effect!

Welcome to the Electronic Rehire Tool (e-Authorization) Supervisor Training Guide!

Here you can learn how to make use of the e-Authorization (e-Auth for Short) via the Student Hire tile within MaineStreet.  

If you don't know where to find the Student Hire tile follow the instructions HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Special & Rare Scenarios

System Tool Enhancements

1.Pending Student Hire RequestsAdded Year and Term to search. Added Request Date and Job EffDt to grid8/29/2019
2.Search Hired Studentsadded name to search criteria8/29/2019successfully implemented
3.Lookup for Departmentadded description and now limits to those departments associated with the business unit8/29/2019successfully implemented
4.Job Code/Title has defaults appliedSalary Plan, Grade, Step & Hourly Rate default based on the Job Code/Title that is selected.


successfully implemented
5.Location Codenow defaults from position and description is displayed8/29/2019enhancement lost after patch late 2019
6.FICA status determined by CS student statusFICA status will default based on credit hours (0-5=Subject & 6 or more = Exempt)8/29/2019successfully implemented (May need edits per campus)
7.BUG fixed - Department ID defaults from position recordDepartment ID on Job record will default based on the position number entered. 8/29/2019successfully implemented
  • Supervisor Reports To postion number now a required field

  • EFFDT remove default of sysdate; make required field
  • Require entry for Distribution Category for USM
  • Ability to see "Saved" in Hired Students

1/13/2021Successfully implemented
  • HCM-1523 Location Code lookup by business unit 
  • HCM-1558 EFFDT remove default of sysdate; make required field 
  • HCM-1598 MSS defaults Dept ID from record 0 even it it's a terminated job 
  • HCM-1645 Ability to select student who does not have a Payroll record Improvement 
  • Increase ease of Location Lookup for all e-Auths
  • Effective Date often incorrect, update applied to force submitter to look more closely.
  • Trying to pull the correct Job Information for submitter
  • Quality of Life Improvement! Removes need for GoogleForm
3/8/21Successfully Implemented
  1. Updated the Pending Student Hire Request search options
  2. Updated Layout of entire e-Auth
  3. Action Type (required) added 
  4. End Date Auto populates based on Effective Date
  5. MEPL Eligibility notice has been added (populates based on credits)
  6. e-Auth now shows the number of credits a student is enrolled in per semester
  7. Level/Step/Hourly Rate are now locked by Job Title that is selected
  8. Distribution Category. Submitters should be able to select whatever option without it creating a block in the process.
  9. Awards box added to show all availalbe awards for the student being hired.
  10. Removed the Supervisor Agreement and now the checkbox is meant to be the agreement for all items requested on the page.
  11. Save button has been moved to the Payroll Only section
  12. Student Employment Section created.
    1. Shows date when student Accepted
    2. Allows Student Employment to 'check off' if student enrolled in Thesis or Graduation
  13. Payroll Use Only Section created.
    1. Action, Reason, FICA Status, and Empl Class have all been moved here to remove confusion from the Submitter.
    2. Save button lives here far from the reach of the Submitter
  1. Easier lookup for pending e-Auths, search via Empl ID
  2. Easier to complete correctly
  3. No comment needed to determine e-auth reason
  4. Many errors in End Date previously
  5. Better tracking of MaineEarnedPaidLeave eligibility
  6. Better method for verifying eligibility for student payroll/MEPL/FICA status
  7. Many jobs were set up with the wrong pay because the values were ignored during submission
  8. Supervisors were met with blocks and troubleshooting methods were necessary 
  9. Submitters can verify the award in the system themselves in order to select the proper Distribution
  10. Each campus has different expectations of their supervisors. 
  11. MANY lost e-Auths due to use of the Save button
  12. Assists in filling in many of the 'blanks' when processing e-Auths. Removes the need for certain notes and prior tracking that Student Employment offices were doing.
  13. Movements needed to alleviate confusions that submitters were feeling.
12/17/2021Successfully Implemented