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Description:  In this article, you’ll find information about the time approval process along with basic terms and concepts of MaineStreet Time and Labor.

Tracking Hours Worked:  Visit 0580.00 Tracking Hours Worked for details on FLSA compliance and why the University of Maine System Tracks and Approves Time:
Simply put - It’s the Law!

The role of the time approver is vital to ensure employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with our payroll schedule. Hourly paid employees including student workers only get paid for time that is approved.  Meeting deadlines for time approval is one of the single most important responsibilities of Time Approvers. If you miss a deadline, your hourly-paid employees will not get paid and your salaried employees’ leave balances will not be updated. Add the Payroll Calendar to your Google calendar to receive time approval deadline notifications.

Employees who report time are referred to as Time Reporters. Time Reporters should submit time daily on their MaineStreet Timesheet.
Hourly-paid student employees are Punch Time Reporters. They enter their start and stop times (like punching a timeclock). Students are paid biweekly in our STU Pay Group for the hours reported and approved.

Other hourly-paid staff are Elapsed Time Reporters and input the number of hours worked each day along with a Time Reporting Code such as Regular, Holiday, Sick, etc. that informs payroll of the type and amount of earnings to be paid. These hourly-paid employees are paid biweekly in our BWK Pay Group for the hours reported and approved. Workgroups provide a different set of Time Reporting Codes to groups of employees – we have Workgroups for each union or collective bargaining unit.

Salaried employees are also considered Elapsed Time Reporters however they only report annual leave (vacation) and disability leave (sick time). Certain salaried employees eligible for overtime must also report their overtime hours. Salaried employees are paid on a monthly basis in our MON Pay Group regardless of time reported and/or approved.

Time Reporters can be grouped by similar characteristics in a TL Dynamic Group which is set up for reporting or processing purposes. For example, a TL Dynamic Group can be set up that includes employees in multiple departments who have the same time approver.

The overnight Time Administration process converts Reported Time to Payable Time ready for your approval. Time administration processes reported time based on rules established such as overtime and generates Exceptions if errors are found.

Time Approvers may search for employee payable time based on different criteria. Manager Search Options allows customized search criteria to be saved.

The Time Approver Work Center is your one-stop resource designed to assist you with completing your assigned time approval tasks. We’ve made it easy for you to access the Time Approver Work Center by offering 2 different ways – from the Employee myUMS Portal and/or from within MaineStreet.

There are also reports and other resources available via the Time Approver Work Center to assist you with your important role as a time approver.

In summary, all time worked must be reported and paid in accordance with the biweekly payroll schedule. Time reporters report their time daily on a timesheet and Time Administration converts the time from Reported Time to Payable Time ready for your approval. Exceptions may prevent the time from becoming Payable Time. The Time Approver Work Center is your one-stop resource for assisting you in your responsibility of a time approver.