Navigation:  From the Time Approver Work Center, click the Payable Time menu item or you can go to NavBar/Navigator > Manager Self Service > Time Management and then Approve Time and Exceptions.

  1. The Payable Time page will display according to your Manager Search Options settings. Depending on your settings, you may need to expand the Employee Selection section to see and/or make any edits to your selection criteria.
  2. Depending on your settings, you may need to click the Get Employees button to populate your employee grid. You may also click Clear Criteria to remove any criteria already entered. Click Save Criteria to save your search criteria.
  3. In the Change Time in View section, the Start Date will default to approximately 6 months prior to today’s date. Update the End Date to be the end of the most recent week/period for which you’re approving time. You should be approving time in weekly or biweekly intervals. For example, on Mondays you would generally approve time for the week or pay period that ended on the previous Saturday so you should change the end date accordingly. The Start Date may also be updated if you need to review and approve time earlier than the most recent 6 month period.
  4. If you’ve set your chunk size on the Manager Search Options page, you will see Load More Entries and Load All buttons if the number of employees returned is more than your chunk limit. For example, if the chunk size for Payable Time has been set to 4, only the first 4 employees will be displayed by default. You can click the gear icon to change the chunk size for the current session.
  5. Employees listed in the grid will have time that needs approval. The employee grid section may be very wide and it may be necessary to scroll right to view all columns. Click View All (far right) to see complete listing of all employees who match the search criteria. Note the columns displayed are determined by your Manager Search Options.
  6. It is Not Recommended to click the Select All button and then Approve since this does not provide you enough information to know what you’re approving and whether or not it’s accurate.
    1. Click on each individual employee’s name to view the Approval Details page.

    Make sure all of your employees are listed!! If you are missing an employee, it most likely means they haven’t submitted their time. It is your responsibility to ensure that employees who work for you enter their time so they will get paid in a timely manner.

    If you’re expecting to see an employee who is not listed, it could be due to a couple of reasons:

    1. the time could already have been approved; (go to Payable Time Detail to see approved time)
    2. there may be an Exception that needs to be reviewed and resolved;
    3. the employee may have just entered the time and the Time Administration process has not yet processed the time to Payable status ready for approval. The Time Administration process is scheduled to run nightly and at 10am, noon and 2pm on time approval deadline days.
    4. The employee doesn’t fit your selection criteria which could mean
      1. there’s a discrepancy in the employee’s record OR
      2. You need to modify your selection criteria
  8. Remember, the Time Reporting codes determine what and how much the employee is paid so it is very important to ensure the correct time reporting code was used. Be familiar with the most commonly used codes and be aware of proper usage especially for Administrative Leave and Holiday time reporting.
  9. You will also want to confirm the correct Quantity of hours reported per day.
    1. If you see negative time, it’s because you already approved previously reported time and the employee made a change or deleted it on their timesheet. Approve the negative time so the employee’s paycheck will be adjusted appropriately.
    2. If the time is not accurate, for FLSA record-keeping compliance purposes, it is highly recommended that the employee update their own Timesheet and resubmit versus you updating via the Adjust Reported Time link.
  10. You may add a comment for future reference. Adding a comment does not send any type of notification to the employee, however, they will also be able to view the comment on their timesheet
  11. Check the Select box or Select All to select the time you wish to approve.
  12. Click the Approve button to approve the time.
  13. Click the Deny button if time is not correct or invalid. If you click Deny, the employee must delete and submit the time again for your approval.
  14. Click the Next Employee and Previous Employee links to navigate to other employees in your list.