Description:  Meeting deadlines for time approval is one of the single most important responsibilities of Time Approvers.  Follow these instructions to sign up for automatic Calendar notifications.

Add Google Calendar

Navigate to the Time Approver Work Center via Manager Self-Service 

Click Calendar on the bottom left or click this direct link to Google calendar:

Click the “+” sign in the lower right corner of the calendar.  

Your Gmail calendar will open with a message box asking you to confirm that you’d like to add the calendar, click “Yes, add this calendar”.

Set Up Notifications

Hover over the calendar name, Payroll Calendar (Time Approver Work Center), under “Other Calendars” on the left side of your Google calendar page and click the dropdown arrow that appears to adjust settings.

You may turn on notifications by selecting “Edit notifications” and then selecting “Add a notification” at the top of the next page.   Select “Add a notification” in the “All day events notifications” section.

Change the dropdown menu to “Email”.  You may change the number of days and the time if you’d like, however, we recommend setting the notification for delivery 1 day before each event at 11 PM.

Click “Save”