Name Usage Policy

Visit the Name Usage Policy for additional information.

Legal Name Change

Once a name has been legally changed, submit the Individual Data Sheet change form with information to Human Resources to update your HR records.  You will be required to provide an updated Social Security Card.  Submit both documents by uploading to our secure SharePoint site:  How to Submit Paperwork, Forms and Spreadsheets

Preferred Name

Preferred names are updated first and foremost in MaineStreet. This will then feed to some other systems (Blackboard), but other systems will require some additional actions.

Students: To enter a Preferred Name in MaineStreet - Campus Solutions: 

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to your Student Center.
  3. Select the link labeled “Demographic Data” under “Personal Information.”
  4. Select the “Names” tab.
  5. Click the green “Edit” button.
  6. Add or change your preferred name.

Employees: To enter a Preferred Name in MaineStreet - Human Resources:

  1. Employees will contact their HR Business Partner or HR Director to request the preferred name change.
  2. HR submits the Individual Data Sheet change form with information to Payroll
  3. HR advises employee to visit to change their email account information.

Email Address Change

Once your preferred name has been updated in MaineStreet, and once the system has synced (which typically happens once each business day), navigate to and use the self service option to change your UMS ID. Once the system sync has occurred, your preferred name will be an available option to select for the new ID.

It is important to remember that Gmail and other email platforms may retain contact information that does not update automatically. You may need to request that people you correspond with update their contacts.

Benefits/Retirement Name Changes

Once your legal name has been updated in MaineStreet, your name will automatically be sent to some of our benefit vendors. Please see the table below for schedules, or if action needs to be taken.



Medical InsuranceCignaNo action: updates on a biweekly cycle
Dental InsuranceNortheast Delta DentalNo action: updates on a biweekly cycle
Vision InsuranceEyeMedNo action: updates on a biweekly cycle
403(b)/457 accounts


Employee must submit TIAA's "Change of Name Form" with supporting documentation by mail
Life Insurance (basic, supplemental, child, spouse/partner)

The Standard

No action: updates on a biweekly cycle

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (basic, supplemental)

Disability (short-term, long-term)