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When you raise a request in the help center, you will receive a confirmation email and can correspond with an HR Operations team member via email. Alternatively, if you have an account, you can view all your requests via the help center you have access to.

Search the knowledgebase

Type a short description of your inquiry in the Search box to search the knowledgebase.

Articles fitting your inquiry will be listed for your reference; review the articles as desired.

How to raise a new request

Ask HR Operations

Click Ask HR Operations to create your request/inquiry which will be sent directly to the HR Operations team.

Raise this request on behalf of: defaults to you however you may change this to someone else if desired; they will become the Reporter of the request.
Summary: provide a brief description of your inquiry.  You'll notice that knowledgebase articles will be listed for your reference; review the articles as desired.
Payroll Primary Subject (optional): select the reason for your inquiry; this will assist us with assigning the request to the appropriate team member.

Employee Id (optional):  input your employee ID or the ID of the employee related to the inquiry
Description (optional): more information related to the request may be entered h
Contact Phone (optional): enter a phone number for contacting you if desired
Contact E-mail (optional): enter an email address for contacting you if desired
Click Create or Cancel as appropriate

How to view requests

When logged in, click Requests in the top right cornerwhere you can quickly access the following:

  • My requests - a request submitted by you via the portal and/or a request will be generated on behalf of you when you emailed 
  • All requests - My requests as well as a request submitted by another person to which you’ve been added as a participant.  You'll automatically be added as a participant if you're cc'd on an email to

How to sort requests

From the requests page you can filter your requests by the following parameters:

  • Request status - for example, open or closed.
  • Request type - for example, software requests or email access.
  • Created by - for example, created by me or created by someone else, but shared with me.

Add participants in the customer portal

If you want to share a request with only some participants, you can add them to your request.

  1. Access the customer portal
  2. Create a new request or select an existing request
  3. Select Share from the right side panel, enter the name or email address in the Share this request field.
  4. Select Share.

Participants will receive an email notifying them that they are participating in the request. The participants will appear under the Shared with section in the request.

The following image shows the request participants in the customer portal request view:

A list of request participants display below the Shared with panel on the customer portal view

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