Hourly paid employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis and must enter Elapsed Time on a daily basis for all hours worked.  Elapsed Time is recorded on your employee Timesheet in MaineStreet. This topic walks you through the process of entering Elapsed Time.

Navigation:  From the MaineStreet portal, click Employee Self-Service and then Timesheet under the Time Reporting menu. Depending on how you access self-service, you may also click Time tile on the Employee Self-Service homepage.

Time Entry:

If you have multiple jobs, select the job for which you need to enter time.

The default View By value is Day. This view displays the current date.   Select a different View By option as desired.
To view a different day, enter a different date in the Date field, then click the refresh icon. You may also navigate to different days by using the Previous Day and Next Day links.

To enter time, enter the total number of hours worked in the box under the date.  You must also select the Time Reporting Code, or TRC, by clicking on the dropdown menu labeled Time Reporting Code.  For example, if you worked 8 hours on Monday, you will enter 8 in the box under Monday’s date and then select the REG – Regular Time Reporting Code for regular time.  All Regular hours worked during this day can be entered on this page.

To enter time using more than one Time Reporting Code, click the plus (plus) icon to the right of your Timesheet to add additional rows.  Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement for more information.

For example, if you worked 4 regular hours on Tuesday but went home sick that afternoon, you would enter 4 in the box under Tuesday’s date in the row for the REG – Regular TRC, and in a new row enter 4 in the box under Tuesday’s date and select the SICK – Sick TRC.

For more specific information, see separate time reporting guides for holiday, compensatory time and administrative leave as well as a list of time reporting codes.

Anticipating Time & Overtime

Time reporters should report time worked and taken off as it occurs. Vacation time should be reported right before the employee embarks for vacation. Employees should not anticipate overtime hours and approvers should not approve overtime hours until they
have actually been worked. Overtime is calculated after forty hours of regular time has been entered.

When ready, click the Submit button to submit your Timesheet.

If you need to remove or change entered time from your Timesheet, you may do so at any time by following the steps above. If your previously entered time has already been approved by your supervisor, please note that they will need to approve any changes or deletions on your Timesheet as well.

Optional: You may leave a comment by clicking and filling out the comment field.

When ready, click the submit button to submit your Timesheet.

The Reported Time Status section should now indicate the total hours recorded on the timesheet and detailed information about the reported hours.

Payable Time Detail:

The Payable Time Detail screen allows you to view previously entered time, as well as find out if your supervisor has approved your time.

Time will not show in Payable Time Detail until after the overnight Time Administration process has successfully run.

From the Employee Self-Service homepage, click the Time tile. On the left-hand menu, click Payable Time Detail. If you have multiple jobs, please select the job you wish to view your submitted time for.

The default Start Date and End Date will be the Sunday and Saturday of the current week. To view a different time period, enter different dates in the Start and End Date fields, then click the refresh icon. Note that you can view a period of up to 6 months at a time.

  • If the Status says Needs Approval, this means that your supervisor has not yet approved your time.
  • If the Status says Approved, this means that your supervisor has approved your time and it will be paid in the next payroll cycle.
  • If the Status says Closed with a Reason Code of Not Distributed, this means that the time has already been processed on a paycheck.
    • Please note that Earned or Saved Compensatory (“Comp”) Time will show a Status of Closed with a Reason Code of Not Sent to Payroll. This means that you will not be paid for these hours but they will be added to your Comp Time Leave Balance for you to use at a later date.

  • If the Status says Rejected and it's time that has not been processed through payroll yet, please disregard this status and the time will be paid in the next payroll.  

It is the responsibility of the employee to enter leave time each day.  After a manager approves the time, the employee will be paid in accordance with the payroll schedule.