Description:  When an employee works more than 40 hours per standard workweek (Sunday through Saturday), they are due payment for their time worked.  Compensatory Time (aka, Comp Time) is a form of compensation that is provided in lieu of pay for overtime (OT) worked. The purpose of compensatory time is to allow employees to have time off at a later date and as such it is to be scheduled and taken. 

Comp Time Earned: 

Comp Time earned for overtime is saved by multiplying hours worked over 40 by 1.5 and entering those hours on the employee Timesheet using the appropriate Time Reporting Code.  Except in specific circumstances, comp time hours earned are entered at the end of the week when hours worked accumulate over 40.

Comp Time Earned for Working a Holiday or During Administrative Leave:

Comp Time earned for working a holiday or during administrative leave is earned/entered as 1 times the number of hours worked (not 1.5 times such as a for overtime) since employees will be paid for the holiday and administrative leave.

Comp Time Taken: 

When Comp Time is scheduled and taken the employee enters the hours on the Timesheet using the appropriate Time Reporting Code for compensatory time taken.

Comp Time Balance: 

Once comp time is earned or taken, the overnight Time Administration process will update the Compensatory Time balance accordingly.   Hours earned will add to the balance and hours taken will subtract from the balance.

Maximum Comp Time Balance: 

Any comp time hours accumulated over the following maximum per collective bargaining contract must be paid in wages as overtime:

Collective Bargaining Unit

Maximum Accumulation


60 hours

Service & Maintenance

60 hours


96 hours

Non-Represented Hourly/ Classified Staff & University Supervisors

60 hours

UMPSA (excluding areas of residence life, enrollment, management/admissions & athletics)

60 hours (180 hours* if mutually agreed upon by employee and manager)

UMPSA  in areas of residence life, enrollment, management/admissions & athletics

180 hours*

OT Eligible Non-Represented Professionals

240 hours

Comp Time Balance Payout: 

Comp Time balances will be paid out upon termination of employment, or if no longer eligible for compensatory time (e.g. salaried or temporary status) or as UMS policy may dictate at job transfer.  Comp time hours will be paid at the straight hourly rate of pay at time of termination or last day of eligibility.

Refer to appropriate Handbook/Collective Bargaining Agreement for details.