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Regular hourly-paid employees are compensated for shift in accordance to their respective Handbook/Collective Bargaining Agreement.  It is important to report shift time on the MaineStreet timesheet accurately to ensure correct pay.  

When you work during a shift (day) that is eligible for shift differential, whether it is your regular schedule or an occasional occurrence, you need to record regular hours and shift differential hours. Please refer to the scenarios below for specific shift differential examples. To record shift differential, an employee enters the number of hours worked with the Regular time (REG) Time Reporting code, AND also enters the number of hours that are available for the shift differential pay with the appropriate shift differential Time Reporting code. If the collective bargaining agreement states that the shift differential is effective when the majority of time worked is during the appropriate shift, then the shift differential Time Reporting code must be entered for the time. (E.g., employee works an 8 hour shift, 3 hours of which are before 5:00; 5 hours are after 5:00. The employee may then enter 8 hours of time with the shift differential Time Reporting code as well as 8 hours of REG.) 


Note: we have used the Service and Maintenance Time Reporting codes in the following scenarios. Your shift Time Reporting codes may be different; however, the process is the same.

Regular Shift

In the following scenario, an employee worked two shifts/days, on Thursday and Friday, which were eligible for shift differential:

Overtime During a Shift Eligible for Shift Differential

If, after you have worked 40 hours, you work overtime during a shift eligible for shift differential then you will need to choose three (3) Time Reporting codes to report your time and receive accurate pay:

Shift for Overtime

Shift with Holiday (or other paid time off)

If you regularly work a shift that receives a shift differential and are taking the day off with pay, you would report your shift time as follows:

shift for holiday

Compensatory Time earned during a Shift Eligible for Shift Differential 

Employees who wish to save their overtime hours as Compensatory Time do not receive the shift differential on the compensatory hours but rather they will receive the differential when they use/take the Compensatory Time off at a later date.  If you work a shift that receives a shift differential in a week when hours exceed 40 and you wish to save the overtime as compensatory time, you would report your time as follows: 

comp time with shift