This page contains links to guidelines and additional information to assist with completing HR Operations forms. Visit 1170.21 Valid Data Field Elements for lists of valid options.

HR Department

The HR Department consists of 4-6 letters with the first letter representing the campus.

Employee ID

Every employee or person of interest has an identification number that is referred to EmplID or Employee ID.  For student workers, the EmplID is the same as their Student ID.  EmplID's can be found on paychecks.

Position Number

A position number is assigned for a position with the University.  Each HR department has one position for each regular job. 

Each HR department will also have one position for all:

  • students in that department
  • temporary employees in that department
  • graduate assistants in that department
  • part-time temporary faculty in that department
  • faculty chair/administrator in that department

The Position Number will be transferred to General Ledger along with the payment.  If you're not sure about the position number, ask your Financial Manager for assistance.

Job Code

Use HECCP for hourly appointments including temporary.  Do not use SECCP for salaried temporary appointments.  Impacts IPEDS reporting.

Location Codes

Location codes are used along with the building name in campus address for mailing lists for employees.  Location codes are also used in some Time and Labor Dynamic Groups for time approval meaning if the location code is incorrect on a Job record, the employee will not be included in the correct dynamic group for time approvers.

Accounting ID / Chartfields

The Accounting ID, also known as a combocode, is used to determine where employee earnings are distributed or posted in the General Ledger.