Creating New Contracts

There are two ways to submit new contracts:

  1. Complete the Smartsheet Form or
  2. Submit a spreadsheet with required fields/information

Link to Smartsheet Contract Generator Form

Tips for best practice...

  • Enter valid email addresses (including your own)

Spreadsheet Upload Process

How to Process Faculty Related Payments via Spreadsheet
Follow these steps to submit faculty-related teaching payments via spreadsheets to the Payroll Center for processing.  

By utilizing the spreadsheet, payroll is able to merge the information directly into Smartsheet Faculty Contractor system to leverage approval workflow, payroll processing and reporting purposes.   Approved Smartsheet contracts will be extracted and processed in MaineStreet allowing the payroll office to work more efficiently and accurately with a more favorable outcome for the faculty member.

Spreadsheets can be submitted if the following requirements are met:

  1. Approvers are identified with email address 
    1. Approvers may have already approved the contract via another authorized method (see template instructions tab for details)
  2. A minimum of 10 rows per spreadsheet; otherwise enter one at a time via Smartsheet Form
    1. It is not recommended that contracts that are ready to be processed be delayed... therefore, if you have less than 10 that are ready to go, please use the Smartsheet Form link above to submit right away so as to not hold up the approval and/or payroll process.

  3. Spreadsheet must be in accordance with the template.  See Instructions tab of template for requirements.

  4. Spreadsheets should be uploaded directly to payroll's secure SharePoint account:  

    1. Secure Upload Instructions

      1. If not already logged in, use your credentials.
      2. Open this link in a new tab/page:
      3. You may upload up to 10 documents at a time.  

      4. Click “Upload file or document” to choose the file you wish to upload.
      5. If desired, check the box to send you an email receipt.
      6. Click Submit
      7. After submitting a file, you should see a screen that says, “Thanks! Your document/file was uploaded.”  This confirms that we have received your document.  There is no need to contact our office to confirm receipt.
      8. You may click Submit another response to upload more files.
      9. If you experience any issues, try this link:

  5. Spreadsheets will be uploaded to Smartsheet by payroll team within 2 business days.  
  6. If approval status(s) are not "Approved", the Smartsheet will trigger the workflow.

Query to get you started....

An HR query can be run by Term and Instituion that includes classes scheduled to be taught (from Campus Solutions) along with the individual faculty member's HR information such as rank and service list. The query also is the the format required by the Smartsheet Upload process - just fill in the blanks. The public query name is: UMS_PR_TEACHING_CLASS_LIST

Tips for optimal service...

  • To avoid duplication of payments to faculty members, please do not input contracts manually in Smartsheet and send payroll a spreadsheet.
  • To avoid overpayments, do not include on the spreadsheets any payments that are included in academic year appointments.

Additional Information for users of the USM Faculty Contract Generator

Use of the Contract Generator (CG) allows payroll to leverage that data to automate processing of payments resulting in an overall better experience for faculty members.  All contracts entered in to the Contract Generator will be converted in to a spreadsheet uploading into Smartsheet.  

The USM Faculty Contract Generator is a Web-based Teaching Contract processing tool (for USM Staff Only) it is available here - USM Faculty Contract Generator.  The tool is managed by Tamara Saarinen -,  207/581-5439 who should be contacted with access or function questions.

Tips for optimal service...

All editing/deleting/updating contracts must be entered into the Contract Generator and/or Smartsheet depending on where in the process the contract currently resides.

To avoid duplication of payments to faculty members, please do not send signed contracts to payroll or add manually to Smartsheet and CG.

Cancellations: should be cancelled in the CG AND Smartsheet to avoid payment errors and duplication.

Important: The number of payments indicated will be spread over the class dates for payroll processing. For example, if the class dates are 1/22/2019 - 3/5/2019 and number of payments is 3, the payment will be spread over January, February and March. Here are some other examples:


StartStopPayroll Dates

Key Dates/Timeline for Processing

Faculty Contract Generator (FCG) Activity:  Create contracts per usual. All editing/deleting/updating contracts must be entered into the Contract Generator and/or Smartsheet depending on where in the process the contract resides.

Download:  All activity completed in the Faculty Contract Generator will be converted to a spreadsheet weekly on Thursdays and sent to payroll for uploading into Smartsheet system.

See additional information regarding Smartsheet processing.

Form and Spreadsheet Field Definitions

Italicized means the information is hidden and calculated from other fields.

FieldDescriptionRequired Y/NFormatUsage
Preparer and Approver Emails
Email address of Submitting Officialvalid email address of person submitting contract; may enter 2 email addresses for backup; separate multiple email addresses by commaYvalid @maine.eduNotifications and reporting
1st Approver Emailvalid email address of first approverYvalid @maine.eduAutomated Approval Workflow
2nd Approver Emailvalid email address of 2nd approverYvalid @maine.eduAutomated Approval Workflow
3rd Approver Emailvalid email address of 3rd approverNvalid @maine.eduAutomated Approval Workflow
4th Approver Emailvalid email address of 4th approverNvalid @maine.eduAutomated Approval Workflow
Faculty Member Information
Faculty Emailvalid email address of faculty member teaching class; separate multiple email addresses by commaYvalid @maine.eduAutomated Acceptance Workflow
Employee ID7-digit faculty member's employee IDY00xxxxxAddl Pay, Distribution Detail
Last NameLegal last name of faculty memberYcharactersverification purposes
First NameLegal first name of faculty memberYcharactersverification purposes
UnionSelect from valid Union list Y
  • AFUM
  • NonRepresented
  • Law School
  • Graduate Assistant

Select Graduate Assistant for persons whose primary relationship with the University is a student relationship and who are teaching within the discipline in which they are students; these students are specifically excluded from the PATFA union.

To properly calculate overtime for ACSUM(COLT) or Non-Represented Hourly employees, submit a Temporary Appointment form with an hourly rate.

  • verification of minimum pay
  • PATFA service
RankSelect from valid Rank list Y
  • Instructor
  • Lecturer
  • Lecturer I (not valid for AFUM)
  • Lecturer II (not valid for AFUM)
  • Lecturer III (not valid for AFUM)
  • Senior Lecturer (AFUM only)
  • Principal Lecturer (AFUM only)
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor
  • Research Professor
  • Asst Research Prof
  • Assoc Research Prof
  • Faculty Associate
  • Visiting Professor
  • Clinical Asst Faculty
  • Clinical Assc Faculty
  • Clinical Senior Faculty
  • Cooperating Asst Professor
  • Cooperating Assoc Professor
  • Cooperating Professor
  • Asst Research Professor
  • Extension Instructor
  • Asst Extension Professor
  • Assoc Extension Prof
  • Extension Professor
verification of minimum pay & reporting purposes
Work Year (Part of Rank/Title)Select from valid Work Year list Y
  • AY (academic year appointment or semester basis)
  • FY (select if faculty is currently on a fiscal year appointment)
  • BParttime (PATFA grandfathered +$25)
verification of minimum pay & reporting purposes
Union+Rank+WYHidden column to designate appropriate Job Code for payroll purposes  Job Code used in Addl Pay
Job CodeHidden column for Job code; will auto-populateY for MaineStreetNumbers only - based on union and rankAddl Pay
Service ListHidden column provides Service List (May 2020)

verification of minimum pay & reporting purposes
Class Information
CLASS INSTITUTIONInstitution where course is being offeredY
  • UMS01
  • UMS02
  • UMS03
  • UMS04
  • UMS05
  • UMS06
  • UMS07

lookup of class description

updates Part-Time Faculty service list

TermAcademic termY

Class TermPayroll Term CodeTerm Description
22102210Fall 2021
22102215Winter 2021
22202215Winter 2021
22202220Spring 2022
22302225May 2022
22302230Summer 2022
23102310Fall 2022
23102315Winter 2022
23202315Winter 2022
23202320Spring 2023
23302330Summer 2023
24102410Fall 2023
24202420Spring 2024
updates Part-Time Faculty service
CLASS_NBRCourse Number (must be unique by Earnings Type)Ynumberslookup class description
CLASS INSTITUTION+TERM+CLASS_NBRHidden column to designate 1) appropriate Earn code for payroll purposes and 2) Class Description  included in approver emails and faculty agreement
CREDIT HOURSService/Academic Course Credits; use for Teaching Earnings TypeY for Teachingx.xx

Addl Pay; used for confirming minimum rate is paid

updates Part-Time Faculty service history


LAB Service/Academic Course Credits; used with Teaching Earnings Type for Lab credit

  • PATFA unit members teaching history will be recorded as full credit hour
  • Lab credit hours are paid at one-half the credit hour rate

Part-Time Faculty; used for confirming minimum lab rate is paid

updates Part-Time Faculty service history

Payment Details
PATFA Holding Academic Year Appointment

By default, Faculty member will be paid as determined by payroll pay period dates indicated below.

Select Yes ONLY if this class is included in the PATFA unit member's Academic Year Appointment (must be HOLDING an AYA). Payroll will pay faculty member in accordance to separate AYA memo that must be sent to

  • No (default)
  • Yes
used to avoid overpayment; if payment is part of AYA and/or regular appointment, payroll will not process as addtional compensation
Earnings TypeEarnings Type - see separate below for earnings code determinationY
  • Teaching
  • Independent Study (aka individualized instruction or directed study)
  • Cancellation Fee
  • Course Development
  • Preparation Fee
  • Music Lessons
  • Early College
  • Adjustment (used for Distance Ed and other adjustments); Note: PATFA unit members do not get credit for Adjustments
  • Other Compensation (used for extra/unique compensation linked to a class number such as Internships)
Addl Pay, Distribution Detail
Earn CodeEarnings code will be determined by payroll based on Earnings Type and UnionN hidden- used by payrollAddl Pay, Distribution Detail
Total Salary for this ContractTotal salary earned for contractYxxxxx.00 (no comma or dollar sign)Addl Pay
MonthlyWill calculate Total Salary / Number of monthly paymentsNxxxxx.00 (no comma or dollar sign)Addl Pay
Number of monthly paymentsNumber of months to be paid (should coincide with start and stop dates)YnumberAddl Pay
Payroll Start DateStart Date of Pay; must be first date of month (should coincide with NUM_PAY)Ymm/dd/yyyyAddl Pay
Payroll End DateEnd Date of Pay; must be last day of month (should coincide with NUM_PAY)Ymm/dd/yyyyAddl Pay
Unique SkillsDoes the Faculty possess skills and experience that are not available in the Department?Ycheck box if answer is yesshared with approvers but not faculty member
FT FullDo all other Department Faculty have full workloads?Ycheck box if answer is yesshared with approvers but not faculty member
Pay Above MinAre you paying above the minimum credit hour rate for their service level?Ycheck box if answer is yesshared with approvers but not faculty member
Other JustificationProvide other justification Nfree form commentshared with approvers but not faculty member
Minimum Payment Typehidden calculated field that determines if AFUM or PATFA are paid at, above or below minimum based on rank, service list, credit hours.

displayed on daily reports for review
Financial Information
POSITION_NBREnter the position number created for the specific HR department used to pay overloads and temporary part-time faculty. If left blank, this will default from Primary Job.N000xxxxxAddl Pay > General Ledger (budget reporting)
Accounting TypeSelect either Accounting ID or Chartfields; form will open one or the other for further data entryY
Form condition; if Accounting ID is selected, only that one field opens; if Chartfields is selected, the chartfields open
Accounting IDHR Combo CodeYxxxxxxxxxxDistribution Detail
BUSINESS_UNITGL business unitYUMSxxDistribution Detail
DEPTID_CFGL department codeYnumbersDistribution Detail
ACCOUNTGL account code (should coincide with employee type)YnumbersDistribution Detail
CLASS_FLDGL ClassNnumbersDistribution Detail
FUND_CODEGL Fund CodeYnumbersDistribution Detail
PROGRAM_CODEGL ProgramNnumbersDistribution Detail
PROJECT_IDGL ProjectNnumbersDistribution Detail
OPERATING_UNITGL Operating UnitNnumbersDistribution Detail
Notes (added Nov 9, 2020)free form field for Users to share information with ApproversNn/aincluded in Approval Requests except will not be shared with Faculty members
Note to faculty (added Mar 12, 2021)free form field for Users to share information with FacultyNn/aincluded in Approval Requests to only faculty members

1 Comment

  1. Additional Instructions for Graduate Students who are teaching:

    1. Union = Graduate Assistant
    2. Chartfield = may use Account for students

    Payroll will set up:

    1. Empl Class = Graduate Assistant
    2. Union = blank (not PATFA)
    3. Student FICA Exemption policy