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4. Edits & Cancellations

4a. Cancellations via Dynamic View

Revisions and Cancellations

There are 5 ways to edit a submitted contract:

1. Earnings Type Adjustment 

Earnings Type Adjustment can be used If a contract was submitted with an amount that was less than it should have been - in other words, if the employee needs to be paid more, then a new contract may be submitted using Earnings Type of Adjustment.  Adjustments are only to be used for an increase in payment and will not apply credit hours or service credits for PATFA unit members. The new contract will follow the same approval workflow as other contracts.

2. Dynamic View - Update Details

If you notice a mistake after submitting, you may edit the form using Dynamic View - Update Details.  

  1. Click on a row to open Details panel
  2. Update contract details as necessary
  3. Click Save
    1. If Save button is not available (grayed out), make sure all required fields have entries and/or try clicking the tab button on your keyboard.
  4. Use Dynamic View - Manage Approvals to resend contract to approver if necessary.
  5. Dynamic View Update Details

3. Declined by Approver

If you notice a mistake after submitting, you may have the 1st Approver decline the contract.  The decline workflow will notify the submitter and allow submitter to make edits and resubmit.

  1. If you receive a request to update and you revise the information and want to re-trigger the workflow, you must use Dynamic View - Manage Approvals to resend approval request(s)

4. Cancellation Form:

  • Use the Cancellation Form to cancel a Smartsheet contract with or without a cancellation fee.
  • All contracts that should not be paid or are no longer valid must be cancelled.
  • An original contract must be created before it can be cancelled. 
  • The original contract does not need to be approved before it can be cancelled.

5. Cancel via Dynamic View:

This Dynamic View shows only the Users contract (that have not been Archived)

  1. Find and click on row that contains the contract you want to cancel; When you click on the row, the Details panel opens
    1. You will be able to cancel any contract that has an HR Status of Ready, Pending Approval, Processed (every status except Canceled)
    2. Some read-only fields will show in the Details panel to identify the row you’re about to cancel; make sure you have the right row selected!
  2. To cancel a contract, check the Cancel box
  3. Select the appropriate Reason for cancellation from the list.
  4. Select yes or no if classes were held.
  5. Enter any cancellation fee owed to the faculty member. Payroll will set up the appropriate record to pay the cancellation fee in the next regular pay cycle.
  6. Enter the Accounting ID to use for the cancellation fee
  7. Enter any prorated amount owed to the faculty member perhaps because they did complete some work but not all of the work in the original contract.
    1. Note:  Only use this field if the original contract has already been processed. Payroll will update payroll records to change the original goal to this new prorated amount. If the employee was overpaid, payroll will initiate that process.
  8. Optional Note to add information for payroll or for your own personal reference.
  9. Add Optional Note to Faculty that will be shared with the faculty member.
  10. Save will trigger the following workflow actions.

Cancellation via Dynamic View Workflow

  1. To Faculty
    1. IF there's a cancellation fee or prorated amount owed, the Faculty member will receive an email notification including the Reason and Note to faculty fields.
  2. To Approvers
    1. IF any approver received a request to approve the original contract, they will be notified that the contract is cancelled.
    2. IF there is a cancellation fee, the 1st Approver will be sent a request to approve.
  3. To Payroll 
    1. IF original contract was Processed
      1. Payroll will cancel the original payment record and initiate the Overpayment process, if necessary.
      2. Payroll will compare the prorated amount due to the actual amount paid and correct as necessary; will initiate Overpayment process, if necessary.
    2. IF original contract had not been Processed
      1. Payroll will set up the Cancellation fee to be paid in the next regular payroll cycle.

How to Process Faculty Related Payments via Smartsheet - 1 Overview

Troubleshooting Login Issues

If you're experiencing issues logging in to Smartsheet, try these tips:

  1. Always log in using your Google account.
  2. If your Google username changed, try clearing your browser cache and cookies.  
  3. Visit

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