Follow these steps to submit faculty-related teaching payments via spreadsheets to the Payroll Center for processing.  

By utilizing the spreadsheet, payroll is able to merge the information directly into Smartsheet Faculty Contractor system to leverage approval workflow, payroll processing and reporting purposes.   Approved Smartsheet contracts will be extracted and processed in MaineStreet allowing the payroll office to work more efficiently and accurately with a more favorable outcome for the faculty member.

Spreadsheets can be submitted if the following requirements are met:

  1. Approvers are identified with email address 
    1. Approvers may have already approved the contract via another authorized method (see template instructions tab for details)
  2. A minimum of 10 rows per spreadsheet; otherwise enter one at a time via Smartsheet Form
    1. It is not recommended that contracts that are ready to be processed be delayed... therefore, if you have less than 10 that are ready to go, please use the Smartsheet Form link above to submit right away so as to not hold up the approval and/or payroll process.

  3. Spreadsheet must be in accordance with the template.  See Instructions tab of template for requirements.

  4. Spreadsheets should be uploaded directly to payroll's secure SharePoint account:  

    1. Secure Upload Instructions

      1. If not already logged in, use your credentials.
      2. Open this link in a new tab/page:
      3. You may upload up to 10 documents at a time.  

      4. Click “Upload file or document” to choose the file you wish to upload.
      5. If desired, check the box to send you an email receipt.
      6. Click Submit
      7. After submitting a file, you should see a screen that says, “Thanks! Your document/file was uploaded.”  This confirms that we have received your document.  There is no need to contact our office to confirm receipt.
      8. You may click Submit another response to upload more files.
      9. If you experience any issues, try this link:

  5. Spreadsheets will be uploaded to Smartsheet by payroll team within 2 business days.  
  6. If approval status(s) are not "Approved", the Smartsheet will trigger the workflow.

Query to get you started....

An HR query can be run by Term and Instituion that includes classes scheduled to be taught (from Campus Solutions) along with the individual faculty member's HR information such as rank and service list. The query also is the the format required by the Smartsheet Upload process - just fill in the blanks. The public query name is: UMS_PR_TEACHING_CLASS_LIST

Tips for optimal service...

  • To avoid duplication of payments to faculty members, please do not input contracts manually in Smartsheet and send payroll a spreadsheet.
  • To avoid overpayments, do not include on the spreadsheets any payments that are included in academic year appointments.

Additional Information for users of the USM Faculty Contract Generator

Use of the Contract Generator (CG) allows payroll to leverage that data to automate processing of payments resulting in an overall better experience for faculty members.  All contracts entered in to the Contract Generator will be converted in to a spreadsheet uploading into Smartsheet.  

The USM Faculty Contract Generator is a Web-based Teaching Contract processing tool (for USM Staff Only) it is available here - USM Faculty Contract Generator.  The tool is managed by Tamara Saarinen -,  207/581-5439 who should be contacted with access or function questions.

Tips for optimal service...

All editing/deleting/updating contracts must be entered into the Contract Generator and/or Smartsheet depending on where in the process the contract currently resides.

To avoid duplication of payments to faculty members, please do not send signed contracts to payroll or add manually to Smartsheet and CG.

Cancellations: should be cancelled in the CG AND Smartsheet to avoid payment errors and duplication.

Important: The number of payments indicated will be spread over the class dates for payroll processing. For example, if the class dates are 1/22/2019 - 3/5/2019 and number of payments is 3, the payment will be spread over January, February and March. Here are some other examples:


StartStopPayroll Dates

Key Dates/Timeline for Processing

Faculty Contract Generator (FCG) Activity:  Create contracts per usual. All editing/deleting/updating contracts must be entered into the Contract Generator and/or Smartsheet depending on where in the process the contract resides.

Download:  All activity completed in the Faculty Contract Generator will be converted to a spreadsheet weekly on Thursdays and sent to payroll for uploading into Smartsheet system.

See additional information regarding Smartsheet processing.