Submitting PDF Forms

Your PDF forms will be entered in Smartsheet by the Payroll Center staff.

  • Form submitter along with other pay change details will captured in Smartsheet and will be available for reporting purposes.
  • Form submitters will be able to view the progress of their submitted forms via Dynamic View

A Smartsheet form has been developed to provide a better experience for liaisons who submit paperwork.  The Smartsheet form has embedded dynamic features to ensure the appropriate information is colllected based on the type of pay change and the type of employee.  Automated workflow sends the form to your approvers for approval with built-in alerts sent to you when approved or denied; you can also watch/manage your submitted forms via a Dynamic View.  Standardization of data is also a benefit. 

Form Features

Pay Change Reasons Defined

Smartsheet ReasonEmployee ClassAdditional Information
 Exempt Employee Options (Salaried Employees Only)
Chair Conversion (Faculty)Faculty only

Disciplinary Suspension


*Internal review/ classification equity; requires Chancellor approval as requested through HR Partner

Longevity IncreaseFaculty only

Lecturers in AFUM and Non-Represented Faculty

Mutual Reduction of Hours*

change in salary due to start or end of
temporary mutual reduction of hours; requires additional form

Partial/Phased Retirement*

*Attach PPRP Agreement with form.

Post Tenure Salary AdjustmentFaculty only

Faculty post-tenure adjustments including satisfactory 3.5% and any discretionary increase

Promotion*Faculty only

Faculty promotion actions are processed upon the approval of the Office of the Provost. Proposed salary may also require approval beyond the campus. Approved letters must be attached.



Approved desk audit by HR is required.

Standard Hours worked per week

Ongoing change in number of hours employee is expected to work. This is accompanied by a proportional adjustment in the employee's salary, leave accruals
and maximum balances, and may affect benefit eligibility.

Voluntary Reduction of Hours

change in salary due to voluntary reduction in schedule; requires additional form

Work Year/Work Schedule

Ongoing change in the employee's work year or work schedule. Contractual/Policy requirements determine amount of official notice.

Step ProgressionHourly only

Career ladder increase; requires additional information


Approval Workflow

Approvers will receive email notifications requesting their approval in sequential order.  Once the first approver approves, a request is sent to the second approver, etc. until all approvers have approved your request.

HR Partner Approval

It is not necessary to add your HR Partner as a form approver since they will automatically receive a request to approve after all of the appropriate departmental approvers have approved your request.

Once the approvers and your HR Partner have approved the request, the status will change to "Ready".  This alerts Payroll to process the request.  

It is the responsibility of the form submitter to obtain the appropriate approvals (similar to as if a paper or PDF form was shared for signatures).  Form submitters may use the Dynamic View (it may take a few days to get access after you've submitted your first payment request) to monitor and resend approval notifications to approvers.

Steps to update an approver's email address and/or resend an approval request: 

  1. https://dynamicview.smartsheet.com     
  2. Select the Dynamic View-Pay Changes - Submitters Edits/Approvals which has been created specifically to allow form submitters the ability to monitor their requests, manage approvals and make edits.
  3. Click on any row to open the Details panel on the right side.
  4. Review approver email addresses and make any appropriate updates
    1. Remember that approvals must be completed sequentially meaning that the 1st approver must approve the request first before a notification is sent to the 2nd approver and so on and so forth.
  5. To resend, change the approval status to Resend (this status will change to Submitted once the system sends another request)
  6. Save

Submitter Alerts

The form submitter will receive the following alerts:

  1. Confirmation of submission:  this confirmation will include form submission details.
  2. Request approved:  this will be sent after each approver approves your request

Roles and Responsibilities

StepResponsible PartyDescription
1Liaison Submitting Form
  • Submits accurate info that complies with University policy & labor agreement
  • Identifies Approvers via valid @maine.edu email addresses
    • Liaison receives notifications when approved/denied; follows up where appropriate
  • Approvers receive email approval requests in sequential order; approves/denies request in timely manner
    • Liaison is notified of approvals/denials
5HR Partner
  • Monitors submissions for accuracy & compliance
  • Obtains external approvals if necessary
  • Approves/denies request as appropriate
4Payroll/Records Management
  • Processes daily to personnel file & data entry queue
    • Includes calculation of retroactive pay, if necessary


Follow these steps if a revision needs to be made to a submitted request.

Declined by Approver or HR Partner

When a request is declined by an approver or your HR Partner, form preparers will be notified accordingly via email "PayChg-0000x has been declined...", you have 2 two options to make updates:

  1. In the email notification, click Open Update Form
    1. Make updates as appropriate
    2. Submit Update
  2. Access Edits/Approvals Dynamic View and find and click the row that needs editing to open the Details panel.
    1. Make updates as appropriate

Additionally, to send it back to the approver or HRP for approval, in the Edits/Approvals Dynamic View, Details panel, change the Declined status to Resend

Revisions (after Approvals and after being sent to Payroll for processing)

Typically, the only revisions that can be made after the fact are details of the job such as Salary Plan, job code, work year calendar, etc.

To make revisions to payments that have already been processed by payroll: Submit an inquiry:  /servicedesk/customer/portal/13 referencing the PayChg #.

  • Note:  If the pay change needs to be increased after it's already been processed, please submit a separate form for the additional amount. 

Dynamic Views

Several Dynamic Views have been created to allow form submitters to monitor their requests, manage approvals and make edits.


  1. Click the download icon to save a csv formatted spreadsheet of your requests.  
  2. Click on any row to open the Details panel and click Attachments to view and/or download a PDF version of Additional Compensation Form.
Dynamic View Name

Pay Changes - Submitters Edits/Approvals

Pay Changes - Submitters View Only - ALL
Restricted to Form PreparerForm Preparer
ContainsPending Approval Status OnlyALL
Used Primarily formanaging approvals, editsreporting and monitoring progress

Archiving Processed Requests

To improve performance and to allow a more automated, sustainable system, requests that are fully processed more than 90 days in the past will automatically be moved to an Archived worksheet.  This will remove them from your reports, dynamic views, etc.    For example, a request with an effective date of 1/1/22, processed 4/15/22 and not cancelled will be archived approximately 7/15/22. 

Resources:  Policies & Standard Operating Procedures

SECCP (Salaried Employees Classification and Compensation Program)

HECCP (Hourly Employees Classification and Compensation Program)