The forms listed in the table below have been created using Smartsheet.  Smartsheet is an interim solution to online form processing until forms can be launched directly within MaineStreet. 

Each form has it's own unique workflow, notifications, processing methods, etc.

Smartsheet offers many benefits:

  • Improves efficiency
    • Online Approvals via Email (a request can be fully approved in minutes)
    • Automated Alerts/Notifications
    • Compliance with applicable pay practices & collective bargaining agreements
    • Component Interface (MaineStreet Upload to Add Pay, Distribution & PATFA Service)
  • Improves quality
    • Form logic, field definitions (online help) are built-in
    • Report back to Submitter via Payroll Notes
  • User friendly to administer; the limited resources of our Tech Support team are not necessary 
  • Prepares for MaineStreet form processing by understanding requirements, workflow, notifications, etc.
  • Transparency
    • Employees will be able to view their contract and additional compensation details in Employee Self-Service:  How to View Contract and Additional Pay Details
    • Senior/Management Level reports and dashboards
    • Submitter reports/alerts/monitor progress
    • Payroll: view what's in process to assist with employee inquiries
  • Auditing - each field includes an audit trail showing history

Forms and Processing Steps



Final Approval

HR Ops Processing Steps

Faculty Teaching Contracts

Spring 2020

Faculty Acceptance

Export to Excel & Upload to MaineStreet

FFCRA, Furlough, Pandemic Leave, MEMA (obsolete)

Apr 2020

Employee Benefits Center, HR Partner

Report to Payroll; manual updates

OverpaymentsNov 2020Payrollfrom within Smartsheet

Annual Leave Carryover Exception

Dec 2020

HR Partner

EBC updates leave balance

Graduate Asst Appt Form (GAAF)

Jul 2021

UMaine Graduate School

Report to Payroll; manual updates

Remote Worker Agreements

Jul 2021

HR Partner

PDF printed to ImageNow data entry queue

Additional Compensation*

Jul 2021

HR Partner

Export to Excel & Upload to MaineStreet

Temporary Appointments

Jul 2021

HR Partner

PDF printed to ImageNow data entry queue

Pay Changes

Apr 2022

HR Partner

PDF printed to ImageNow data entry queue

**Additional Compensation Forms submitted on a PDF form will be entered in Smartsheet on your behalf

Roles and Responsibilities

In general and as with any form (PDF, Smartsheet, MaineStreet e-authorization, etc.), it is the form preparer's (also referred to as the User or Submitter) is responsible for obtaining all of the appropriate departmental signatures/authorizations.

Once the departmental authorizations have been obtained, final approval is required of stakeholder identified in the table above.  

Once final approval has been obtained, the responsibility shifts to the HR Records Management team to process/enter the request in MaineStreet.

Then, the employee is paid (if it's a payment request).

Smartsheet Dynamic View

Dynamic Views have been created to aid form preparers/submitters on monitoring the status of their submitted forms; with the Dynamic View, they can review Payroll Notes, submit Edits & Revisions, manage the approval process, and download to csv/Excel.

The Dynamic View access is granted with 3-4 days of your first form being added in Smartsheet.

Sign in using Google UMS account:  Dynamic View (smartsheet.com)

  1. Click Login with Smartsheet Account
    1. Login with Smartsheet Account
  2. then click Log in with Google 
    1. Log in using Google

Troubleshooting Login Issues

If you're experiencing issues logging in to Smartsheet, try these tips:

  1. Always log in using your Google account.
  2. If your Google username changed, try clearing your browser cache and cookies.  
  3. Visit https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2480381-troubleshoot-login-issues#toc-third-party-login-issues

Submitter Resources: