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Description: Follow the steps in this quick guide to model or estimate your paycheck. For your convenience, amounts from your last paycheck are prepopulated for you. Special calculations are necessary for taxable benefits such as coverage for a domestic partner. Contact Payroll for details.

Step by Step Guide To Check Modeling

Step 1 Log in to, (use Internet Explorer for best results) and click Employee Self-Service > Pay > Check Modeling.
Step 2 Enter Gross Pay

  1. Enter your estimated Gross Pay for the pay period you are modeling (the amount displayed is the gross pay from your last paycheck)
  2. Select appropriate pay period to calculate—Bi-Weekly or Monthly (UMS does not pay Weekly)

Step 3 Enter Tax Elections

  1. Select appropriate Marital Status for Federal and State
  2. Enter the number of Allowances you are claiming for Federal and State
  3. Enter any additional amount to be withheld from each paycheck for Federal and State

Step 4 Add or Update Deductions
The deduction amounts displayed, if any, are flat amounts from your last paycheck. Update the amounts accordingly, if necessary. Note that 403b and Nonelective deductions are retirement contributions based on a percent of your pay period base salary.
Click Add Deduction to add a line for a new deduction. Select the appropriate plan type.
Step 5 Click Calculate to view the estimated paycheck calculations.