Navigate to:  Enterprise Applications > Human Resources > University of Maine System > Payroll > Reports > No Payable Time Reported or click link from Time Approver Work Center.


The No Payable Time Reported Report provides a list of employees in a specific pay group and/or TL Group that have not reported any time on their timesheet.

Run Control ID

Click “Add New Value” (if you do not already have an established Run Control ID)

You can name you Run Control ID anything you would like to.  You will use this Run Control ID to run future reports. Once you have created a Run Control ID, you will not need to create it again. 

Enter your Run Control ID then click the ‘Search’ button.

Report Selection Section:

  1. Time Reporter Group: (optional) 
  2. Pay Group

  3. Begin Date

  4. End Date 

  5. Business Unit

Save, Run and Results

  1. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page, an then click “run”.   You will be taken to the Process Scheduler Request page.

  2. Make sure Server Name is blank

  3. Click “OK”

  4. You will be brought back to the Run Control page
  5. Click “Process Monitor” link
  6. Click refresh until “Run Status” and “Distribution Status” are marked as Success and Posted.
  7. Click “Details” link.
  8. Click “View Log/Trace”
  9. Click the “xxxxxx.PDF” file.
  10. View or save Report