Navigate to:  Enterprise Applications > Human Resources > University of Maine System > Payroll > Reports > Student Earnings or click link from Time Approver Work Center.

Create a new Run Control ID

Click “Add New Value” (if you do not already have an established Run Control ID)

You can name you Run Control ID anything you would like to.  You will use this Run Control ID to run future reports. Once you have created a Run Control ID, you will not need to create it again. 

Enter your Run Control ID then click the ‘Search’ button.

Report Selection Section:

  1. Distribution Term:  

    1. ACAD = Academic Year

    2. SUMR = Summer

  2. Distribution Year = 2019 (2018-2019 AY is 2019)

  3. Business Unit = type in value

  4. Percentile = Leave Blank to include all

  5. Check box labeled “Filter by Department” or "Filter by Dynamic Groups" if appropriate

  6. Pay Period End Date should pre-populate with the most recent payroll processed

  7. Check box labeled “Show all current earnings” to include employees not paid in the current payroll but were paid in earlier payrolls

Financial Aid Category Section:

  1. Enter appropriate Financial Aid Category.

    Financial Aid CategoryDescription
    FSSFederal Work Study Summer
    FWGFederal Work Study Graduate
    FWSFederal Work Study
    STAStudent Regular Academic Year
    STSStudent Regular Summer
    SWFSummer work program free match
    TUSTutorial Summer
    USSUniversity Work Study Summer
    UWSUniv Work Study Academic Year
    WINWork Initiative Academic Year
    WISWork Initiative Summer
    WMAWork Merit Academic Year
    WMSWork Merit Summer
  2. Click ‘+’ sign to add more categories as desired

Dynamic Groups Selection Section

  1. If you selected to Filter by Dynamic Group, add it accordingly

  2. Click ‘+’ sign to add more groups as desired

Department Selection Section

  1. If you selected to Filter by Department, add it accordingly

  2. Click ‘+’ sign to add more groups as desired

Save, Run and Results

  1. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page, an then click “run”.   You will be taken to the Process Scheduler Request page.

  2. Server Name is blank

  3. Type=Web
  4. Format=PDF
  5. Click “OK

  6. You will be brought back to the Run Control page
  7. Click “Process Monitor” link
  8. Click refresh until “Run Status” and “Distribution Status” are marked as Success and Posted.
  9. Click “Details” link.
  10. Click “View Log/Trace”
  11. Click the “xxxxxx.PDF” file.
  12. View or save Earnings Report