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Description: The University of Maine System (UMS) encourages employees to take advantage of a direct deposit of their paycheck into the bank account(s) of their choice. Certain collective bargaining contracts require direct deposit and failure to do so could lead to disciplinary action. It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain current, accurate data. 

Step by Step Guide To Start or Update Direct Deposit

Step 1 Contact your financial institution to obtain your bank's routing number and your account number(s).

Step 2 Log in to MaineStreet Employee Self-Service (, and click Pay> Direct Deposit. You will see a list of your current accounts, if any.

Step 3 To update an existing account click anywhere on the line of the appropriate account that you would like to edit. To set up a new direct deposit account, click the + icon.

Step 4 Ensure the following information is entered accurately:

  1. Nickname:  Enter a Nickname of your account (only you will see this information).
  2. Payment Method:  leave as default - Direct Deposit
  3. Routing Number:  Enter your bank’s ABA Routing Number.
  4. Account Number:  Check the pencil if you wish to change the account number on file.
  5. Retype Account Number:  Enter your Account Number (in Edit mode, XXX.s will be displayed; type over with new information or leave as is if the Account Number is not changing) . Retype Account Number to confirm accuracy.
  6. Account Type:  Select Checking or Savings
  7. Deposit Type:  Select   
    1. Remaining Balance: Select this option if the balance of your net pay is to be deposited.  Select Remaining Balance if you only have one account.  Note: You may only have one direct deposit with Remaining Balance.
    2. *Amount:     Select this option if you want a fixed dollar amount to be deposited per pay period 
    3. *Percent:      Select this option if you want a specific percentage of net pay to be deposited per pay period

  8. Save:  click the green Save button in upper right.
  9. Click Remove to stop the direct deposit to this account.

Reorder Direct Deposits

Click Reorder to change the Deposit Order (lowest number processes first).

  1. Type in the New Order field the number in which you want your deposits processed.
  2. Remaining Balance will be last.

NextGen Direct Deposit

Deposits to NextGen Accounts can be processed using Direct Deposit.  Since these deductions are set up as a direct deposit, they are after-tax.  Questions can be directed to NextGen. 

Steps include: