If you already have access to ImageNow, you can utilize the web version called WebNow.

 NOTE: You can only access WebNow via Internet Explorer.  Access will not work in any other browsers.

Step 1 Install Java

You will need JAVA downloaded on your computer.

You should see a popup in the bottom right hand corner of the screen announcing that Updates are ready for installation. They will proceed and let you know once those updates are installed. The process will continue until another popup notifies you that the Java RE 8.0.202 has completed installation.

You should now be able to proceed with the below walkthroughs.

How to Access All Documents

  1. Log Into MaineStreet
  2. In order to reach the ImageNow Digital Personnel file content in your web browser proceed to Job Data or Distribution Detail
  3. Look up the employee in question via Employee ID or name as you normally would.
  4. As you see in the image above, there is a small box with an [ i ] within it. Once you click on that [ i ] you'll see a new tab open in your browser with the following.
  5. Click the [ Run ] button to proceed to the Perceptive Content 7 login screen. This should look like your typical ImageNow Login window and will require the same User Name and Password you use to log into ImageNow and MaineStreet.
  6. Once you have logged in you'll see the documents that are stored in the employee's Digital Personnel file.
  7. You will notice that it looks a bit different but you have generally the same access that you would have if accessing ImageNow through the desktop application.

Direct Access to WebNow


  1. To more quickly access WebNow, copy and paste http://webnow.its.maine.edu:8080/webnow/ in your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. You should see the following window appear. (REMINDER: You must open this within Internet Explorer or you will only see a white screen appear.)

  3. Login using your ImageNow/MaineStreet login information to gain access to the following screen.
    1. As you can see, the page that loads is similar to our ImageNow screens. It does start you in the Documents category shown at the top of the page. In order to proceed to your specific Workflow options, please proceed to the next section.

Other Features

You are still able to load documents via the WebNow Capture screen. Documents must be saved on your PC before you can upload to ImageNow/WebNow. Documents should be saved in JPG or PNG format and you can use the Snipping Tool to capture and save in this format.

IMPORTANT Security Note

Documents containing Compliant and/or Business Sensitive Data (Per APL Employee Protection of Data) must be saved in a secure location.

  1. Pushing Add will pop up a window allowing you to search for the document you want to Image.
    Once you have located and chosen the document you want to upload (CAPTURE), click on the document and then click Capture.
  2. For ease and future convenience you check the box that says Send to workflow Queue and you can then determine which queue you want your documents to be sent to when you are ready to (4) Create Document
  3. The left side of the screen has a familiar layout. This is how we can actually manually link the job to the appropriate personnel.
    (NOTE: Currently there is no method to to Single-Click in order to link documents.)
    You can choose to link the document yourself, which requires completion of Field1 -Field3. If you do not want to link it immediately, you should fill in at LEAST one of the Fields before choosing which queue to send the document and clicking (4) Create Document.
    Drawer = and below that you will see Field1 - Field5
    Field1 = Employee ID (Required)
    Field2 = Name (Example: Henry,John) (Required)
    Field3 = DOB
    Field4 = Union (Applicable only if used.)
    Field5 = Scandate (enter date as YYYY-MM-DD)
  4. Push Create Document

If you work in workflow queues, there are three ways to access. First step is to click on the WorkFlow icon in the top middle of the page.

  1. The drop-down box circled above can be used to look for your queues. This can be less efficient as it can leave you scrolling back and forth and looking for just the right folder that may contain the queues you are looking for.

  2. As you can see, the side bar on the left can be navigated to find the queues you are looking for. This can be less efficient as it can leave you scrolling back and forth and looking for just the right folder that may contain the queues you are looking for.

  3. By clicking the green button in the lower left hand corner a new window will pop up on your screen and is called the Message Center. You can use this window organize the Queues that you may need to frequent more often and even select the queue you want to open.

    NOTE: You may also want to check the box that says Show only queues that contain items.

    To begin with, select [Options] shown circled below.

    In the window that appears (shown below) you can select all of the queues that you want to be visible whenever you click on the small green button in the bottom left of the main WebNow window.

  4. Removing a checkmark from one of the boxes will stop it from appearing on Message Center window. Once you have made your choices, click [OK].
    Double click on any of those queues and your WebNow content window will load the queue you have chosen.

    NOTE: As soon as you double click on a queue in the Message Center, the Message Center window will disappear. This means if you want to only see the queues you selected you will, again, need to click on the small green button in the lower left hand corner of the WebNow application.screen.