Here's some helpful information regarding processing retirements when employees use the MaineStreet Retirement Guide.


For best online experience, users should be advised to:

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  3. Click Save prior to generating the Summary Report and after Submitting; 
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Retirement Date

The retirement date is selected by the end user and at this time, there is no restriction on how far in the future once can submit their intent.  The EBC will follow-up on any unusual submissions (i.e. someone who submits their intent to retire more than 1-2 years in the future.)

Part-time Years of Service

The Retirement Guide will automatically indicate PT YOS if the employee has any in their MaineStreet Job records.  The employee may also check this indicator themselves.  

If the PT YOS indicator is Yes, a MAC message will be produced.

When requested, EBC staff will:

  1. Create a Years of Service Calculation shared Google spreadsheet for the employee.
  2. Contact the HR office to see if YOS is already calculated in some form and request it be sent to the EBC.
  3. Update the YOS spreadsheet with Update/override the Years of Service behind the scenesNotify employee accordingly
    1. MaineStreet Job information
    2. HRIS Job record information
    3. Job information from Paper files.
  4. DOR and PTYOS will be locked in ESS; employee must contact the EBC to make any changes.

The PT YOS indicator default is No and is checked appropriately for employees once they click 1) I Am Retiring or 2) I Am Planning My Future Retirement. Therefore, the MAC message will be generated only after an employee accesses the Guide.

Medicare Numbers

During this initial roll-out phase, employees will be able to submit/finalize their elections without Medicare numbers.    They will be notified to contact the EBC via telephone to provide those numbers once they obtain them.  The EBC will follow these steps to enter Medicare numbers in MaineStreet:

  1. Employee Medicare Number:  Navigate to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Benefits Personal Data
    1. Enter the appropriate effective date of Part B coverage
    2. Enter the Medicare Number
    3. Select the HIPAA Medicare Elig Reason - End Stage Renal Disease if known
  1. Dependent Medicare Numbers:  Navigate to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Update Dependent/Beneficiary 
    1. Navigate to the appropriate dependent record 
    2. Go to the Personal Profile panel and click the USA flag
    3. Enter the appropriate effective date of Part B coverage
    4. Enter the Medicare Number
    5. Select the HIPAA Medicare Elig Reason - End Stage Renal Disease if known

Other Information

Incentive Retirement Plan and Special Retirement Incentive Contributions

The EBC will manually add as one-time adjustments to be processed with last paycheck.  Amounts in paycheck deduction column labeled Not Taken (due to reaching calendar-year limit) will be processed the first payroll of the next calendar year.  Monthly remittances to TIAA-CREF will be processed as usual the first week of the month following check dates.

The EBC will send letters to employees who will have their contribution split explaining the process and providing amounts to retiree.

Vacation Payouts

The EBC will enter vacation payouts.

Compensatory Time Payouts

The EBC will enter comp time payouts and add entry to timesheet to zero balance.

Disability Leave /Sick Balance Zeroed

The EBC will enter adjustments to zero sick time balances.

Life Insurance

The EBC will complete life insurance conversion forms as requested by retirees.

MaineStreet Job update

The MaineStreet Retirement Guide will add an appropriate Voluntary Retirement job row when the retiree submits their final elections.

Billing/Payment Options

Only bank accounts that are currently used for payroll purposes can be selected as a payment option in the Retirement Guide.  This is because these accounts have be pre-noted and validated.  

If an employee wants to use a different account, they can contact EBPA directly or we can provide them the EBPA Payment Authorization Form that can be submitted directly to EBPA along with a voided check.

Notifications & Reminders

Employee, Supervisor (Reports to), HR & ImageNow will be receiving certain notices at certain time periods during the retirement process.  

When HR receives a notice indicating an employee's intent to retire, please review their job history (prior to MaineStreet July 2003) and notify the EBC if there is any part-time service.

When an employee submits their intent to retire, a MAC message will be generated if they will need to be mailed Non-Contributory Retirement Plan (defined benefit retirement plan) application paperwork.

When the EBC receives a copy of the email to the employee marking 30 days prior to retirement with no submission of benefits elections, they will outreach to the employee 1) to remind them of the deadline, 2) answer any questions and 3) help walk through the online process.  Enrollment in the Medicare Advantage plan requires a Medicare notice be mailed 21 days prior to the effective date.

All other steps in a termination process not mentioned here as being done by the EBC must continue to be performed by either HR and/or Payroll staff.