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Once a Supervisor has hit SUBMIT after completing a Student Hire Request in the Electronic Rehire Tool, the below E-mail is sent to the student being hired.

The E-mail will be titled Student Employment Request.

From here a Student will need to log into Mainestreet and go to Employee Self Service. (They should have access to employee self service already because they are "REHIRES" who have previously been employed by the university.

The student will need to access Student WorkCenter, as seen below.

If you do not see the Student WorkCenter you will need to use the Search method below.



When inside the Student WorkCenter, all transactions for the student submitted via Electronic Rehire Tool will appear, as seen in the example below.

As you can see, the student will see if they have authorized (Accepted) a job or not, as well as information regarding the jobs.  In order to accept a job the student needs to push the  button on the job they intend to accept.

The only Action Types that require a student's authorization are Hire and Additional Job in Department.

They are then brought to the screen below.

Students will need to click on the box next I understand the terms above in order to place a check inside the box.  Once that is done, click the button.

The side-bar on the left also links the Student to Personal Details and Direct Deposit which we encourage students to update accordingly. 

Also on the side-bar to the left, you will see Student Confidentiality Policy, which some departments may require students to accept as well in the same fashion as they accepted the job.