On behalf of your hiring department and the Human Resources Operations Support Team, we welcome you to the University of Maine System!

This site includes step by step instructions to help you complete the necessary “paperwork” before you begin work. Please read the information thoroughly and follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: Review Appointment Details 

Review the information emailed to you and your supervisor as confirmation that your new appointment has been entered in MaineStreet Human Resources. Please review the information carefully and reply to with any corrections.

Step 2: Complete Form I-9

The Federal I-9 Form is the official Employment Eligibility Verification document that needs to completed by:

  • All new, first-time employees of the University; and
  • Employees who have not worked for the University in the past 12 months

After you activate your account, log in to and go to MaineStreet Employee Self-Service > Personal Details > Form I-9 and follow the instructions provided.  You will need to provide the appropriate documentation to your campus Human Resources office. The completed I-9 is confirmation that you can begin working.

Step 3: Get Oriented

If this is the first time that you've worked on campus, or for your new department, join us any Monday for a 35-40 minute informative session on MaineStreet Self-Service and a 15-30 minute session on Time Entry.  Register for both now!  

Step 4: Review/Update Employee Information

As soon as possible, visit to review and update the following information as necessary. Join us at a Monday orientation session to learn how or follow instructions here

  1. Review/Update Address and be sure to revisit and update when you move.
  2. Review/Sign up for Direct Deposit - Direct Deposit is required for all workers. 
  3. Review/Update Form W-4 for tax withholding

If you're new, you will have an Onboarding tile in Employee Self-Service.  See instructions below.

Step 5: Reporting Time Worked and Getting Paid

If you’re new to entering time, join us any Monday for an informative session on Student Time Entry. Register now!  

Hourly-Paid Time Reporting

Hourly-paid employees must immediately enter time worked on their MaineStreet Timesheet. You will not be paid unless your time is entered and approved by a manager. 

Salaried Employee Time Reporting

Salaried employees report paid time off on their MaineStreet Timesheet. 

Student Punch Time Reporting

Student workers must immediately enter punch in and out times worked on their MaineStreet Timesheet. You will not be paid unless your time is entered and approved by a manager. 

View Paycheck

You will be paid at the frequency stated in the email from menioned in Step 1 above.  After payroll is processed, Direct Deposit Advices can be printed or viewed by going to: MaineStreet Employee Self Service > Pay.

Important Note about your Paycheck: Until you sign up for direct deposit, your paper paycheck will be mailed to the address we have on record for you. Once your direct deposit has been activated, you will be able to view your paycheck in MaineStreet Employee Self-Service; direct deposit pay statements will not be mailed to you.

Step 6: Complete Compliance Training

All employees--faculty, staff, managers, and students--are required to complete online compliance training as part of their job duties.  Ask your supervisor or visit, UMS Academy to get started. 

Need Help?

Onboarding Tile Instructions

Newly hired employees will have an Onboarding tile in Employee Self-Service.

On the left-hand side, you will see all the sections that you will need to access during your first few days as a new employee. 

The Onboarding Activity Guide has been broken up into sections based on the timeframe in which you need to complete the tasks. We encourage you to complete things in order.

If you see an arrow by a section, that means there are several tasks associated with it. You can expand the section by clicking on the section name.

Also, the menu shows you if you’ve started a task, if it is complete, or if it is overdue.

Regardless of what you need to do for a task, there is an important step that needs to be done – for many tasks you will need to manually mark the task complete.

Click on three lines, to see the pop-up, and then click on Mark Complete. 

If you ever want to see a snapshot of where you are with everything in your Onboarding Activity Guide, you can access the Final Summary Steps. It lists all of the tasks and their current status. This is also another way to mark something complete.  As well as go directly to the step to review it.  This is also where you will finish the Onboarding Activity Guide when you’ve completed everything.

If you have any questions about your Onboarding Activity Guide, please let your manager know. Your manager can see your progress on your Onboarding Activity Guide. Therefore, he or she will be able to help you with your questions. One thing to note, your manager can see your progress, but not the information you entered. That information is confidential.