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Which Student Employees are eligible to earn Maine Earned Personal Leave?

  • Student workers who meet the definition of employee for unemployment reporting purposes are covered by this policy (primary relationship with UMS is not a student), meaning:
    • they are not at least a half-time student; or
    • they are not enrolled and regularly attending classes (i.e. working during summer while not enrolled and attending summer classes)
  • Student interns are not covered by this policy.

What does are the major differences between being a 'regular' Student Employee and being a MELP Eligible Student Employee?

Student Employee

MEPL Eligible Student Employee
  • EXEMPT from FICA (does not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes)
  • Not eligible for any paid time off
  • Time Entry (Punch In/Out Timesheet)
  • SUBJECT to FICA - (pays Social Security and Medicare taxes)
  • Eligible to earn paid time off
  • Time Entry (Elapsed Time Timesheet)

How do I enter time if I'm MEPL Eligible?

Description:  MEPL Eligible Student employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis enter Elapsed Time on a daily basis for each day worked. Elapsed time is recorded on your employee Timesheet in MaineStreet.


Student employees should remember: 

  • to enter their time after each shift
  • to only enter time on their timesheet for hours actually worked
  • to enter time on the correct day that the actual work was completed

  • Enter the amount of hours actually worked on the correct day in the field below the date.
  • Once you have entered the time worked, move to the Time Reporting Code area at the right of the time entry section. You will see there is a drop-down option.

  • Pushing on the drop-down field will reveal the STREG - Regular Student code. Select that as it is the only option available to you.
  • Push the  button and you are all done.

How do I ACCRUE, VIEW, and USE my Maine Earned Personal Leave?

Accrual Entitlement

Eligible employees will accrue 1 hour for every 40 hours worked. Accruals will be granted after each on-cycle payroll is processed and will be based on hours paid in that particular paycheck.

FLSA non-exempt employees who do not report hours worked will accrue in accordance with their established work schedule at time of hire.

Employees who do not record hours, will accrue 1 hour per week worked.

Accruals will begin with the first paycheck after the first day of employment after January 1, 2021.


Personal Leave balance will be displayed on paychecks available via Employee Self-Service

Eligible employees will accrue up to a maximum balance of 40 hours.

Calendar Year Carry Forward

Unused hours will be carried over to the new calendar year.


There is no waiting period for new employees. Employees may use hours after the accrued hours are earned.


Employees can use their accrued Personal Leave for any reason such as an emergency, illness, sudden necessity, planned vacation, etc.

Employees are required to give up to four (4) weeks’ advance notice to use earned Personal Leave for any reason other than an emergency, illness, or sudden necessity.

Employees are required to notify their supervisor as soon as practicable if the use of Personal Leave is for an emergency, illness, or sudden necessity.

There is no requirement for employees to show proof of the reason for the absence.

Increments to deduct/report

Time taken must be reported in 15-minute increments on your MaineStreet timesheet.

Employees will be required to use available Personal Leave before being unpaid. For example, if you are late to work your shift or leave early, you are required to use your Personal Leave to cover your absence unless you make up time missed. Employees will not be required to use the leave if the supervisor changes the schedule.

Employees cannot use/take more than they were regularly scheduled to work. For example, if an employee is scheduled to work 4 hours on a particular day, they cannot use/take more than 4 hours for that day. Also, if an employee is not scheduled to work on a particular day (i.e. short work break), they cannot use/take paid time.

Pay Rate

Employees will be paid their normal base rate of pay.

Hours taken/used will not be counted toward hours worked for overtime calculations.

General Ledger - Department Charges

Paid leave will be charged to the normal departmental chartfields.

Student workers funded by Federal Work Study will also have paid personal leave earnings charged directly to the department using 53300 Account.

At Termination of Employment

After 12 months of non-employment, hours will be forfeited and removed from record.

If rehired within 1 year, prior balance is immediately available.

Unused Personal Leave hours when/if hired under a collective bargaining contract will still have accrued Personal Leave balance available for usage.  Once eligible for Sick and/or Vacation, Personal Leave must be used before Sick and/or Vacation is used.

How can I check the status of my submitted time?

Payable Time Detail:

The Payable Time Detail screen allows you to view previously entered time, as well as find out if your supervisor has approved your time.

Time will not show in Payable Time Detail until after the Time Administration process has successfully run. Time Time Administration process runs at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and overnight.

From the Employee Self-Service homepage, click the Time tile. On the left-hand menu, click Payable Time Detail. If you have multiple jobs, please select the job you wish to view your submitted time for.

The default Start Date and End Date will be the Sunday and Saturday of the current week. To view a different time period, enter different dates in the Start and End Date fields, then click the refresh icon. Note that you can view a period of up to 6 months at a time.

  • If the Status says Needs Approval, this means that your supervisor has not yet approved your time.

  • If the Status says Approved, this means that your supervisor has approved your time and it will be paid in the next payroll cycle.

  • If the Status says Closed with a Reason Code of Not Distributed, this means that the time has already been processed on a paycheck.

  • If the Status says Rejected and it's time that has not been processed through payroll yet, please disregard this status and the time will be paid in the next payroll.  

In summary, it is the responsibility of the student to enter time worked each day.  After a manager approves the time, it will be paid in accordance with the payroll schedule.