Employees eligible to accrue/accumulate the following paid leave time may view the balance and history in Employee Self-Service. 


  1. Log in to MaineStreet
  2. Navigate to Employee Self-Service > Benefits > Leave Balance

Leave Plan Totals

  • Hours balance as of last accrual date of xx.:   The date should match the most recent pay period that has been processed and the next accrual will be run when the next payroll is processed.
  • Hours submitted since last accrual and not applied.:  Time reported on the timesheet that has not yet been approved and/or processed in a paycheck.
  • Hours available as of today.:  Balance as of last accrual less hours not yet processed.

Show Accrual History

  • From Date:  input date to show history from that date
  • Click Get Accrual Leave History
  • Accrual Date: the date the accrual applies to (click the heading to sort if necessary);
    • week ending for part-time biweekly-paid employees,
    • biweekly pay period end date for full-time biweekly-paid employees, or
    • check dates for monthly-paid employees

Compensatory Time

Compensatory Time does not have specific accrual dates; the dates should match timesheet entries; contact if entries do not match timesheet.

  • Hours Earned: hours earned are based on hours paid in the corresponding payroll for part-time employees; full-time employees are awarded a set amount
  • Hours Taken: hours taken/paid in the paycheck processed after the accrual is processed.
  • Hours Adjusted: any adjustments will show here
  • End Balance: the ending balance will display on paychecks for the pay period