Manager Self-Service Student eHire (Rehire)

  • A notice is sent to the student once the manager submits the job.  

    • Students are instructed to log in to MaineStreet to do the following:

      • Accept the job

      • Sign the confidentiality agreement

      • Sign the Break Waiver (Optional)

  • Yes!

  • Once the student has accepted the job and Student Employment and Payroll approves it, an email is sent:

  • Under Distribution Category, select "STUDENT REGULAR"

If Spring Job continues into Summer and/or Summer job continues into the new academic year, you must submit separate authorizations. Follow these steps if the student will start working a few days before the beginning of the academic year:

Paper Authorizations:

  • Submit authorization for the end of Summer and for the academic year

  • Please make a note on the forms, indicating job continuation, such as “cross over job” (this prevents Payroll from entering in incorrect chronological order)

Manager Self-Service eAuthorization

  • Select FALL Term
  • Use actual starting date (tail end of Summer 3-5 days)
  • Use Fall funding information:
    • Department funded (Student Regular) or FWS 75/25 or FWS CS 75/25
    • Accounting ID / chart fields pertaining to Fall/academic year
  • Comment section
    • Please indicate “cross-over job”
    • List different funding (Accounting ID) for the last days of Summer if applicable