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  • Bulk Subscriber Management Process
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• Log into the Listserv server, find your list and select "Subscriber Management" from the "List Management" menu.

• On the Subscriber Management window you will see two tabs, “Single Subscriber" and "Bulk Operations."
• Use Single Subscriber to add/delete or exam one subscriber at a time.
• Use Bulk Operations to add/delete multiple subscribers.
• Bulk Operations allow four functions. The function you use will depend on how you manage subscribers. For example, if you maintain a list of all students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences you will want to get updated lists from student service and use the second choice, "Remove all subscribers..." This will delete all subscribers and then add all the addresses on the imported file.
• Choose the data file and import.

Preparing the import file

The import file must be in either Windows Formatted Text or MS-DOS Formatted Text (.txt) formats. The easiest way to do this is to maintain your list in Microsoft Excel.

• Column A should contain only email addresses.
• Column B (optional) should contain subscriber names (e.g. Glenn Eichel)
• Use the Save As command and save as a Windows Formatted Text or MS-DOS Text (.txt) file. If offered both file formats choose Windows Formatted Text.

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