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This page is a compilation of the migration related files listed on the IT Training Resource page.

Forwarding your First Class email to another email account (two options)

Forwarding your email from First Class to another email is simple. (UNforward your account first to avoid loops!! See Step a below.)) Open your First Class client and click on the Preferences tab at the top of the client. This should open a new preferences box. Click on the messaging tab, which will then open the Mail Rules tab. In the bottom box you will see Automatically Forward. From there you will want to change local mail and internet mail to yes. In the box that says Forward to: you will add the email address that you would like to receive your mail. Hit okay and your mail will now be forwarded to that address.  (See below for visual instructions)


Another way:

How to forward email from FirstClass to Google

  1. UNforward (go to, login with your MaineStreet credentials, go to the gear on the top right side, select Settings, go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP, and Disable Forwarding. )

  2. Create a rule in FirstClass to FORWARD your FC mail to  right-click on FirstClass Mailbox and select Rules. Click New Advanced Rule, give descriptive name, When: message received; If: all/always;Then: redirect to email address; Set expiry period: optional but 30 days is good; Save.

  3. Start telling people to use your address for email and appointments!

Migrate (Export) FirstClass Email to Gmail

Note: Following these steps will only work for email that is in one's Inbox.  It will not export archived mail or mail inside folders.

In Gmail, go to Settings> Accounts and Import>Import Mail and Contacts> enter your, enter your password, enter your account name>click Import

After setting up Gmail import users should set up a FC mailbox rule to auto-delete messages after a period of time.
You can easily set a mailbox rule to delete messages after a period of time.
~ Right-click your FC mailbox and choose "Rules"

Migrate Contacts from FirstClass to Gmail

Export FirstClass Contacts to a CSV File

Perform the following steps to export your FirstClass Contacts to a Windows CSV file. This will enable you to import the CSV file containing your contacts into your Google Mail (Gmail) account.

Import a CSV File to Google Mail

Perform the following steps to import your FirstClass CSV file to Google. This will add the information from your FirstClass Contacts to your Google Mail (Gmail) account.

Migrate FirstClass Calendar to Google Calendar

The following guide will help you move your existing Calendar items from FirstClass to Google Calendar. Please read it through carefully before beginning. 
1. Open FirstClass and select Calendar in the left hand pane.
* Note that selecting Calendar under the My Calendars  section will not work - only select Calendar as indicated by the arrow.

2. Go to File - Export in the FirstClass menu. 

3. A new window will pop up as seen below asking what Calendar export format to use with three options. Choose "For Use with Outlook (.csv)"  or iCalendar (.ics) and click on the OK button. 

4. Another dialog window will open - give your file a name such as Calendar and change the location to Documents or Desktop and click on Save. 

5. The window will change to one titled File Transfer - once it has finished click on the Open Folder button and verify you can see your file. 

6. Sign into Google Apps – (or via

7.Once you are signed in click on Calendar in the upper right hand corner of your browser  

8. Now again in the upper right hand corner of your browser click on Settings.

9. Click on the Calendars Tab (see arrow below) and then click on Import calendar (circled ).

10. A New dialog box opens (figure 10). Click on the Browse button and find the file you saved as Calendar.csv in Documents back in Steps four and five.  Make sure that if you had previously created more than one calendar you have the right one selected and now click on the Import button.  

11. After the process has finished you should receive a new dialog box like below letting you know how many events were created. Note that re-occurring events may not import - you will have to manually add these to your Google calendar.

Migrate FirstClass Documents (Files) to Google Drive or

Files - Files in FirstClass can be downloaded to your computer by selecting the “Export” option when right clicking on the file or by dragging and dropping them to a location on your computer.  Once downloaded files can be moved to Google Drive or Box. NOTE: Do not drag and drop files directly into Box or Google drive as this will not download the actual file!

 On your Desktop, create a New Folder (in Windows, right-click on desktop, click New, then Folder)

In FirstClass, select the Files, then choose File, Export (or right-click and choose Export).

To move into a folder in Google Drive:

Log into the UMaine Portal and click the Google Drive icon.

In Drive, click "New" and then "Folder."

Fill in the new folder information. Click Create.

You should then be able to click and drag files from your computer desktop into the folder you just created.

To move into a folder in

Log into the UMaine Portal and click the Box Icon

In Box Click "New" and then "Folder."

Fill in the new folder information. Note that there are a number of roles. Click the "Learn More" link for info on these roles.  

You should then be able to click and drag files from your computer desktop into the folder you just created. You can also nest sub-folders within master folders.

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