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  • Computer Workstation Setup Checklist
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Complete this checklist to determine if your workstation is properly set up. If not, use the "4 Steps to Setting Up Your Computer Workstation" guide to help you make adjustments.


  • Are your feet supported on the floor or on a footrest?
  • Are your hips against the back of the chair?
  • Is the backrest adjusted to support your back?
  • Is your seat long enough and wide enough to support your hips and thighs?
  • If you have armrests, do they allow you to rest your arms comfortably?
  • Can you pull up close to your desk or keyboard without hitting your armrest?

Keyboard/Pointing Device:

  • Is the keyboard within easy reach?
  • Is your pointing device within easy reach and close to the keyboard?
  • Is the most frequently used section of the keyboard positioned directly in front of you?

Computer Screen/Documents:

  • Are you sitting directly in front of your screen?
  • Can you view the screen using a slight downward gaze without raising or lowering your chin?
  • Is the screen at least an arm's length distance from you?
  • Are your source documents positioned on a stand between the monitor and keyboard, or on a stand close to the monitor?
  • Can you view the monitor without seeing glare on the screen?