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  • Delegate access to your email or an AUX account
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To access this auxiliary email you must login directly at, not from your Campus Portal.
If you want to be able to access this auxiliary email from your UMS Gmail or delegate others to have access, then do the following:
1) So, while logged in to your Auxiliary Gmail Account, go to the Settings > Accounts and Import > Grant access to your account: select Add another account.
2) Fill out the fields.
3) Your Primary Gmail will receive a delegate verification email. Once you confirm the request, it takes about 30 minutes for the verification process to complete.  After you have waited at least 30 minutes, you may have to log off and log in again in order to see the delegated account. 
Then, you will see the delegated Auxiliary Gmail Account under your Primary Gmail Profile, in the upper-right corner of your UMS Gmail.
You can then switch between your Primary and Auxiliary email within your UMS Gmail.
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