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  • Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 10
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What are the basic differences that I should be aware of?

The Start Menu

Windows 10 keeps the Start button on the task bar, just like Windows 7. However, there are some differences in the look and function.

All Programs

In the Windows 10 photo, you'll notice the "All Programs" menu is no longer there to access applications. Applications immediately appear alphabetically and you can scroll through the list to find the desired application.

Windows 7Windows 10


Notice the tiles to the right of the application list? Some tiles are simply applications that may be launched by clicking on the tile. Other tiles can exhibit real-time interactivity, showing weather, news headlines, etc.


The Shutdown, Restart, and Logoff Process

The shutdown button location and look that provides you with the options to shutdown, restart, logoff, etc. have changed.

Windows 7Windows 10

There are now buttons on the left of the application list for power, settings, and account name. Clicking on the power button gives you options for shutdown and restart. Clicking on the account name button gives you options to shutdown, lock, and sign out (log off).

Taskbar and Search

The taskbar in Windows 10 looks and functions just like Windows 7. One new key feature to note is the "Ask me anything" search box located on the taskbar next to the start button. 

Use this popular feature to quickly search for Windows settings, applications, files, folders, and web content.

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