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  • Enroll Users in a Blackboard Organization
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There are two ways that you can enroll users:  directly add or allow users to enroll themselves.

Once you are in your Organization, a Leader will see Organization Management on the left side panel.  Select Users and Groups, Users.

To directly add:

Select Find Users to Enroll.  If you know the correct username, enter username in the Username box and click Submit.  If you aren't sure, click Browse. Enter a first name or last name and click Go. Select the user(s) and click Submit.

To allow users to self-enroll:

Select Customization, Enrollment Options.

Select SelfEnrollment, add a start and/or end date if desired.  If you wish to limit the enrollment, you can select Require Access Code to Enroll and add a password-type code that you will provide to users. Click Submit.



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