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  • Getting Started with Adobe CONNECT
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Getting Started

Login – go to  Use your MaineStreet credentials (unless otherwise instructed).

Home Screen

Create New Meeting

Enter info:
name (must be 1-60 characters, can include spaces)
custom URL (add an easy word for your page – no spaces)
summary (description – this is optional)
start date/time (allow a few minutes before your anticipated schedule)
duration (allow a few minutes before and after your anticipated schedule)
access options decide who will be allowed to access your meeting
audio conference settings skip this, as UMS doesn't currently license the supported products

Click Next to continue

Add Host, Presenter, Participants You can add the Host and Presenter.  Adding participants is optional, depending on what you chose for access.  If you chose "Only registered users..." you will need to include them here.  If you are sending the link to participants and you chose "Anyone who has the URL...", you do not need to enter all of the participants.

Click Next to continue

Send invitations (optional)  If you have entered all of your participants, you can use this option.  

Click Finish and a summary of your meeting details is shown.

Meeting url to share with others

Conducting the Meeting

Note: It is suggested to use Firefox to conduct the meeting as Host or Presenter.  There have been some minor glitches using Chrome.

Conducting meeting: Preparation
Install Adobe Connect Add-in if prompted and Adobe Flash Player.  Participants will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. 

Audio Setup File Share 

You should run the Audio Setup Wizard at the beginning of each meeting (every session).
This will take about 20 seconds and helps to ensure
that participants can hear you well.

Choose Upload File to add handouts
that participants can download and print.

The Meeting Room
Three layouts:  Sharing, Discussion, Collaboration
Sharing Layout

Discussion Layout

Collaboration Layout

Customizing your Layout (Arranging the screen for participants)
Pods Each of the boxes is called a pod.  You can drag them around the screen to refine your preferred layout. On each pod, there is a settings indicator (Pod options  ) in the top right corner.  From there, you can choose to Hide (remove) a particular pod and several other options including Maximize, Print, Full Screen, etc.  At the top, you can choose to add additional pods. If you have files to disseminate to participants, you can include a pod called File Share. (See directions above for adding files.)

Manage Meetings
An easy way to manage participants is to hover over a participant's name in the Attendee Pod.  There are several options: 

Sharing Screen
During the meeting, you may want to share your screen with the participants.  You can share your screen, a document, or a whiteboard.

Record meetings
Under Meetings on the menu, select Record Meeting.  Give the meeting a name (and description, if desired), click OK.    This will popup a recording control box in the top right corner.  At any point, you can pause the recording.  When you Stop Recording, Connect saves and assigns a random url for future access.


Make recordings available (url)
To find out the url for your recording, go to your home screen at 
Click on Meetings in the top menu 
Find the desired meeting in the list and double-click. 
Select Recordings.  
Click the box at the left of the recording name, then click Access Type.
 Change it to Public. Save.
Then click on the name of the recording. You will see the url listed.  You can copy it to email to participants who could not attend the live session.