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Pro tips and tricks for the power user

 Jeff Park | April 23, 2013

Pro tips and tricks for the power user

*This blog was last updated on April 28, 2016.

Ever been the the first person on your team to introduce an emoticon to your officemates? What a great experience that is. Everybody gets excited and praises your discovery. How progressive of you! How avant-garde! How hip! 

If you haven’t had this experience, don’t fret. There are all sorts of hidden features that you can impress your team with. In this post, we’ll share some tips and tricks, and you’ll be showering in your coworkers’ admiration in no time.

Also, get the full scoop on HipChat settings here.

Auto-hide .gif files + other necessities

Let’s face it. Animated gifs are one of the best things about the internet. And HipChat is great at sharing them. But when everybody is posting their favorite gif, your computer can slow down and then nobody is having fun.

So we’ve got an option to auto-hide gifs. Simply go to HipChat’s Settings, and check the box to auto-hide .gif files.
Pro tips and tricks for hipchat power users

And while we’re at it – look at all these other great settings! Annoyed of seeing when people join or leave a room? Just turn that off. Or easily change your time format and emoticon settings. And remember to adjust how long until you are shown as idle (yellow) to fit your needs.

Make HipChat your own

Then head down to “Appearance.”
Pro tips and tricks for the hipchat power userHere you can set your HipChat theme as light or dark and change your text density. See dark mode below:

windows_dark_mode_blog_2We’ve also given you the controls to set how you want HipChat to look. Choose whether you want avatars and decide to use full names or @mentions in your chat feed. Learn more about HipChat appearance settings.

Reduce the noise-to-signal ratio

Then go to “Notifications.” Here you can set your global notifications, which will be your default settings for any room you enter or create. Choose between loud, normal, and quiet, as well as how you want to be notified.

Pro tips and tricks for the hipchat power user

Even better, you can set notifications per room (because we know not all rooms are created equal). Just click the bell in the top right corner to set the notifications for that room. Learn more about per-room notifications.

Get stuff done: Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts let you to navigate HipChat without touching your mouse. Quickly  join, create, or close rooms, invite people to rooms, and search room and chat history. Learn more about keyboard shortcuts.

For a list of keyboard shortcuts on the web app while using Windows or Linux, type Ctrl + /⌘ + /. Here’s the full list:


Work faster with slash commands

Slash commands allow you to take important actions as well as format text with just a simple slash. Learn more about slash commands.

Here are all of HipChat’s slash commands. Each of them takes the form “/<command> <argument>”

HipChat slash commands

For the coders: Syntax formatting

When you share code with teammates, it’s important that it maintains its integrity. Simply type “/code” before your code and it will create syntax formatting right in HipChat.


For the designers: Show web colors

For all of you designers out there, you can show hexadecimal colors right in HipChat. Simply type in #<color hex>, and HipChat will render the color into your chat!

For everyone: Edit text (phew)

Everyone makes mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that you have to let anyone know about them. HipChat comes with a substitution command that will fix any spelling mistakes that you make in your last sent message.

But you’ll have to be quick. You only have one minute before you’ll no longer be able to correct your mistake. Just type s/<old message>/<new message>


Create custom emoticons

These pro tips are all about providing functionality to help you save time and work more efficiently. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s sometimes more efficient to express yourself through emoticons. Check out all of our emoticons.

Here are just some of our faves:

HipChat emoticons

Even better, create your own! Now anyone can create emoticons through our easy emoticon shrink-ray. See how it’s done

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